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  1. torquedwrench

    Am I missing anything and a couple questions

    I am not. Although it's an interesting idea but wouldn't do well in my area
  2. torquedwrench

    Am I missing anything and a couple questions

    Thanks once again Jay. Do you use the Identifix SMS or do you just use the repair module. I think one is called Direct hit and one is Direct shop.
  3. torquedwrench

    Am I missing anything and a couple questions

    Thank you so much for the Reply Jay. Amazon is definitely on the list for repairs scheduled a couple days out, as much as I'm not a huge fan of corporate big box stores it's really hard to beat their prices and Prime shipping. As far as Oreilly's goes, I've been waiting for an email back about my account approval for over a week, I'll probably just burn some gas on Monday and go visit one of the stores and see if I can figure anything out. That one is actually on my list, I need to call the rep back tomorrow as I forgot until you mentioned it. My eyes and brains are all buggy from talking to sales reps for all the programs I've wanted to try. Would be nice if they'd just put pricing on the sites so a person would know if it's even in the budget or if they're wasting time by contacting, probably have almost 100 hours already listening to pitches from these company's that I come to find out is way beyond our means at the moment. I'm glad you said this, it's actually how we were planning on running it, unless the customer is stuck in the parking lot at work and is willing to pay extra for us to get same day parts as it would involve one of us making a good long trip (If we could even get them) One other question, do you happen to know a way to search multiple parts stores at once? I know it's a feature of some of the more expensive SMS's but I was wondering if anyone had any other resources as this would cut down on order time tremendously for us since we have different parts stores to the north and south but both quite far away.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm the business arm of a very new (Not even open yet) mobile auto repair business in a very rural area. I really just wanted to bounce a few ideas off of everyone, and get some input on what I have so far. We are starting on a shoe string, but Insurance and other fun expensive things are taken care of. Right now for work orders and labor times we're using Real Time Labor guide (Remember we're on a shoestring for these things but would love any recommendations on cheap SMS with more features 😂 ) Google calendar for scheduling and google voice to ring all the partner's numbers so someone can always answer. As of right now, my main problem is trying to source parts. The only parts store we have is a small Auto Value that I'll be talking to the owner of on monday because Auto Values websites seem to be beyond useless. All other parts stores are 40 or more miles away, although there is an oreilly's close to the edge of our service area so they could be used for some. Anybody have any suggestions on this or have any experience dealing with Auto Value? Any other suggestions are super welcome and I thank you all very much.