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    Alfred your your my target customer. where do you generally buy your equipment? That is the number 1 reason shops like having there own equipment so they are not locked in to a contract. oil prices vary in huge degrees if you shop around and everyone wants your business and you would be surprised how low they can actually go. gravity feed is a safe and efficient but complaints i hear about that is alll those trips walking over to the ttanks cuts productivity and over the course of a year your paying your techs to walk
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    That is true for larger shops but its usually only the products they do 500 gallons a year or more. and most bulk oil supply houses dont loan out def equipment or grease . But i am curious to finding a percentage of shops that get loaned equipment versus shops who have to maintain and purchase there own equipment.
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    Newbie Lubrication equipment company

    Hi Everyone... My name is Mike. I have used forums in the past for my motorcycles, cars, boats and everything else i have customized over the years. This is my first forum like this. A little about me: I own and operate an online lubrication sales and service company . Im interested in learning more about the inner workings in shops and what you guys need and want in shop tools, lubrication equipment and what ever else you wish someone stocked for you. I would also like to offer any help to anyone that may have questions about their current lube equipment. I am based in New England in the high taxed state of CT. Look forward to chatting with you guys Mike