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  1. Wake up Staten Island

  2. Please make your kids see this.

  3. Not sure if i like what do you think?

  4. Please do. Don't let the door hit you in the ass as you leave. OMG my prayers have been answered

  5. Thanks nothing is prefect, most of what we do is very custom compared to most shops, can I define these custom work and reuse them. Would you mind giving me some indication on pricing. greater than 500 , 1,000 or 1,000 less than 2,000 or greater than 2,000
  6. Thanks what limitations do you see with the software
  7. My partner and I have been building, restoring, customizing cars for over 20 years the old fashion way. We are building out a new shop and expanding our business to include a retail store and adding in a Dyno. As part of this expansion we want to automate a lot of our old fashion paper and pencil processes, we are looking for some shop management software and POS for the retails store. As always we are concerned about cost but want something that full feature for estimates. We don't need any employee management software. What do you all recommend?

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