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  1. Tech4Hire

    Opinion On Pro-Cut Brake Lathe

    Had a Procut in our shop for several weeks. Reminded me of the "old days" when I had to use the Aamco on-the car lathe. The Procut is an improved tool. If you take your time to set it up and care for it, great results. If you don't take the time to inspect the car components or care for the lathe the results are costly and the technician is p.o.'d with the equipment. In terms of speed, efficiency and precision compared to a bench lathe, the Procut saves a little time. Based on past experiences, I would not consider on-the-car lathes as robust as the bench lathes. I like the product, but not enough to pull the trigger to buy. Cleanliness and maintenance of my trusty Aamco bench lathe and adhering to standard practices has given us great results over the years. Stay within manufactures specification and recommended repair standards and you will have more wins and less times learning from our failures. Sometimes the sum of all the short cuts to do a job exceeds the multiple rechecks and division of customers looking for a good job done right the first time.