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Good info on that checklist. The only things I found missing is information about the shop and owner. I often speak to making your waiting room a "shrine" to the owner and employees. Besides, no matter how good the customer is - and especially for new customers - you can't know if these people saw your most recent reviews. For that reason, I would add....

1) Customer reviews - printed and inserted in simple frames
2) Pictures of the owner with smiling customers (along with their reviews!)
3) Short Bio's of techs with pictures - because people want to know who's working on the car. 
4) Any other pictures of the owner with other business owners, local celebrities like the mayor, etc. 

Familiarity breeds trust and we all know according to the most recent AAA report, 2 out of 3 repair shop customers don't trust you! I even did a video about this with even more painful details!

Hope this helps!

"The Car Count FIxer"

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