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Why Your Employees May be Looking to Quit

Joe Marconi


I don’t think there’s an auto repair shop in the country these days not looking to hire. At the top of the list is finding qualified technicians. However, while auto repair shop owners may be on the hunt for new workers, they shouldn’t forget the people they employ now.

A recent Gallup poll found that while job seekers consider pay compensation and benefits package their primary consideration, it isn’t why many employees feel disengaged at work and may be looking to quit.

A recent Gallup poll revealed these three main reasons why employees are disengaged at work:

  1. Not seeing opportunities for development
  2. Not feeling connected to the company’s purpose
  3. Not having strong relationships at work

Shop owners, study the above bullet points and think about what you can do to get ahead of any employee who feels disengaged at work and may be looking over the fence for greener grass. Create a work environment where people feel wanted, praised, and recognized for their work. 

Make sure your employees feel connected to the company’s goals, vision, purpose, and mission.  Lastly, build a career path for your employees that combines the needs of the business with the future goals of the individual.

What it comes down to is culture.  A strong workplace environment with high morale and the right culture will send a strong message to your employees and go a long way in helping to retain key employees.  


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