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Timing the Advisement of an Oil Change -- Part 2

David Rogers


Hopefully you saw my first entry for "Timing the Advisement of an Oil Change!" It covered the first two things you should ALWAYS do. To recap:


1. Tell the customer that you are going to perform a complete inspection on the vehicle when you first sign them in.

2. Be SURE that you begin asking questions about the HISTORY of the vehicle, and WHICH services have been performed as far as the PM goes!


Here are the next two things that can add $200 to your ROs if you do them EVERY TIME:


3. Get the vehicle pulled around and out of sight of the waiting customers IMMEDIATELY (even if you aren’t ready for it in the bay yet)!

Customers want to feel that they are the only thing that matters to you, the second they show up… Waiting will create doubt, feelings of neglect, and will delay the process and lower your sales!


4. Make SURE that your technician INSPECTS the vehicle FIRST, and that the customer receives the ADVISEMENT on what he finds within 15 MINUTES of signing in!

If we wait til we have already filled the vehicle with new oil, and put the wheels back down on the ground, it’s TOO LATE! The customer is already thinking about the rest of their afternoon…their appointments, promises, shopping, etc…and whatever you say will bounce off their ears like they are filled with concrete. You MUST advise them RIGHT AWAY, BEFORE the "wheels are back down on the ground."


What about you...what do you do every time to increase your lube lane tickets?


Stay tuned for the third and final entry in this series!


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