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Is it Just Me or Do You Feel the Forces of Change?



Are change forces blowing harder and faster than we realize? And are we creating them?

A restaurant in my town decided to rent some space in an office tower next to our AAA Ball Park. It just happens that the Toronto Blue Jays are playing there because of the pandemic (Canadian/US border lockdown). All US teams will play Toronto in Buffalo. There are no fans allowed in the park

Fans are desperate to see sports and watch a major league team. Did I mention the space the restauranter rented as a 360-degree view of Lake Erie, the city and overlooks the ballpark?

This is purely out of the box thinking. The owner is catering, not cooking. You place your order and the food is made a block away at the actual restaurant then quickly shuttled over to the temp restaurant. You’ve got customers who enjoy a meal with a birds-eye view of the park. Not to mention a business owner with a new mousetrap of an idea. How ingenious.

Have you put your thinking cap on? Do you need an annex to be able to manage your business? I talked to a few shop owners, some say they are booked two and three weeks out. If you’ve got enough business how are you managing it? Is there a shuttered shop within a few miles that you could rent to allow for your overflow. Have you built your bench of talent that would staff another location? (even short term)

Oh, the possibilities when you think creatively and differently. I sense real change coming as we adapt to new ways of everything.

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