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Are You Meeting Your Customer Expectations?



Customers want a great experience. They have preconceived expectations on how their experience with you is going to happen. Will it be as good as in the past. Will it be better than the dealer or the shop they patronized who is now closed? 

Every time we set out to do business, even a trip to Macy’s to buy a shirt, we have a preconceived notion on the shopping experience. I recall getting a special discount because I hadn’t brought in the coupon from the newspaper. I didn’t even know about it. The clerk just did it and told me. I was elated. I haven’t forgotten the unexpected surprise that made the transaction memorable.

You have a huge responsibility to keep your customers long term and to gain new ones based on everything you do (the pandemic notwithstanding).  The one special surprise that the customer is not expecting will be a memory maker that will stay with them for a long time.

You know exactly what you can do with each transaction that will be the one little ‘extra’ that is worth all the marketing monies you spend to gain new customers.

Start making a list of unexpected services you can do to delight your customer. Make a big deal about it when you close the transaction. With our touchless transactions today, be sure to document on the work order, text what you did, send an email, or call the customer with the surprise. Be a memory maker.

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