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Expanding The Business, Step 1: Overcome Fear

Joe Marconi


My first step in making the decision to expand the business was to overcome fear. Fear holds people back from achieving their potential. For me, it was the fear of failure and fear of the unknown. This project was doing something that was out of my comfort zone.


For over a year I thought of every excuse NOT to expand the business: Where do I find more techs? How will I afford the new mortgage? Why do I want to start this at my age? Do I really need to do this? Why do I want the additional headaches? Aren’t things fine the way they are now?


The project would involve demolishing and old building and constructing a new one. The new building will add an additional 4 bays and new customer waiting area.


I had multiple meetings with the site engineer asking question after question. Finally he told me, “Joe, you have been going back and forth on this project for over a year, either sh_ _ or get off the pot”. At that moment I decided to go for it.


I guess it’s easier to live in your comfort zone. It’s harder to move forward into the unknown.


In future entries I will outline “The Plan” for the new building.


Stay tuned!


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