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Drive New Business to Your Shop with Direct Mail

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Are you using direct mail to market your auto shop? If you aren’t, it’s time to add this tried and true method to your marketing line-up. Direct mail is great for auto shops, whether you’re trying to increase your car count with new customers or retain existing ones. In this blog, we’ll explain how you can use direct mail to fill your bays and maximize your ROI.

Be Consistent with Your Direct Mail
Wondering why direct mail is a smart choice for auto shops? One of the biggest reasons is its effectiveness at driving new and returning business to your garage. However, to make direct mail work, you have to reach your prospects consistently.

It’s a proven fact that it takes three or more exposures to an advertising message before consumers take action. That means you have to send multiple direct mail campaigns to stay top-of-mind and steadily grow your car count. Your customers might not be ready for a specific service when you mail the first time, but with persistence, they’ll eventually be ready to give you a chance to earn their business.

Diversify the Automotive Coupons You Send
Every auto shop should be sending coupons to their prospects. According to an NCH Marketing survey, 84% of consumers say coupons directly impact their store selection. And Vouchercloud found that 57% of shoppers make purchases at businesses they haven’t been to before because they were able to use a coupon. 

Make sure you diversify your coupon offerings, though. Don’t mail out coupons for similar services, like a serpentine belt replacement and a timing belt replacement. And make sure you’re sending offers that appeal to a broad audience. You should also avoid mailing coupons that are too specific or too technical. If your coupon can’t be used by almost anyone or would confuse someone who doesn’t know much about cars, don’t use it.

We recommend sending the following three coupons with your direct mail:

  1. Oil Change Special Coupon
    This coupon gets prospects through your doors for a common, inexpensive service. Treat them well, and you can earn their future preventative maintenance and more expensive repairs.
  2. Tiered Dollar-Off Coupon
    Everyone can use this all-purpose coupon, so it’s sure to score you lots of new business. Always use this over a coupon for specific parts or services that aren’t useful to everyone.
  3. Free Warning Light Scan Coupon
    Offer a free warning light scan to bring people in for diagnostic tests. Once you’ve pinpointed their vehicle’s problem, you have the opportunity to earn their business and repair the issue.

Want to learn more about how direct mail can benefit your shop? The team of automotive direct mail experts at Mail Shark are available to consult with you on the best strategy for your business. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today by visiting this page or calling 484-738-0814.


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