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Ron Ipach


Car Count Daily | Episode 8

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Today, I'm going to show you how to make at least $1,500 an hour. Would you like to know how to do that? It's not enough? How about $3,000 an hour? How about $5,000 an hour? Still not enough? Okay, how about I should you how to make $15,000 an hour? Would you like to know how to do that? I bet you would. Simply and easily make $1,500 an hour on up. It's totally up to you. Depends on what it is you're doing. What that is that you're doing is marketing. Of course. What else would I be talking about? I'm Captain Car Count after all.

What I mean by that is you can make $15,000 an hour simply by spending two hours of your day just 100% focused on putting together a kick-butt offer and sending it to the right people using the right kind of media. In other words, do some really kick ass marketing today. If you just put your nose to the grindstone and worked on this, figured out what's going to really get people excited to come in and do business with you, how are you going to get that message to them, and what is that message going to say. If you would spend two hours putting that together, and then you sent it out and you brought in let's say $30,000 worth of business, which is not unheard of if you know what you're doing. If you know good marketing, you can bring in $30,000 from just one marketing campaign. If you spent just two hours working on that campaign, and it brought in $30,000, that means each one of those hours you spent marketing brought in $15,000.

You might be saying "There's no way I'm going to do $30,000 off of one campaign." Let's cut it in half. Let's say you only made $15,000 off of that marketing campaign, and you worked two hours. That means you made $7,500 per hour. Or let's say the whole campaign only brought in $5,000. Okay. A very modest sum, but totally achievable and totally believable that you can make $5,000 by putting together a marketing campaign. If you spent two hours doing that, that means you made $2,500 an hour.

See, all the work is done upfront when you're doing your marketing. It takes time to find a really good offer that's going to excite people and choose the list of people that you're going to send that offer to, so whoever see it so they can respond to it. That's where all the work is. It's all the way up front. Putting that together. But you know what? It only take a couple hours out of one day to put together a marketing campaign. And when you send it out, then the marketing starts working on its own and it starts bringing people to you. So if you only made $5,000 from that marketing campaign, yet only spent two hours, effectively, you've made $2,500 per hour doing the marketing.

I hope you're getting a little excited about this because you sure as heck can't make $2,500 an hour turning wrenches. You're not going to make $2,500 an hour managing the store. You're not going to make $2,500 doing anything else in your store other than working on the marketing. That's how you make a lot of money because without the marketing, you don't have the customers. Without the customers, you don't have the business. So just find two hours today to start putting together a really good marketing campaign and get it out. Look, the worst that's going to happen, if you make $500 from that marketing campaign, and you took two hours to do it, that's still $250 an hour. There's still nothing else you could do in your shop that's going to make $250 per hour.

I hope I've got your greed glands and your juices flowing over getting this marketing done because I love marketing, and I can show you a lot of ways to market, and that's what this Car County Daily video series is all about, is to give you a lot of ideas on marketing. All you need to do is take action on it so that you can start reaping the rewards of being an auto repair shop owner. Take this information, spend those two hours, and make thousands of dollars every single hour.

-- Ron Ipach (a.k.a Captain Car Count)

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