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Expanding The Business, Adding 4 Bays

Joe Marconi


After working for more than 2 years, we finally have all the approvals for our expansion project. My business plan has been submitted to the bank and hope to hear from them soon. Our next step is to have the building designed approved, which we do not anticipate a problem.


We now have 6 bays and will be adding four more bays, which will be a stand alone facility. This facility will accommodate all our while you wait customers and light service work. The repair work and bigger jobs will be done in the original 6 bay facility.


A lot of work went into this project (many sleepless nights) to get to this point and it's not over yet. We broke ground last month and looking at 6-10 months for completion.


I have to admit, creating a business plan and new model was not easy and out-of-my-comfort zone. It's like starting a new business. It's both fun and scary!


I will make periodic updates as the project progresses and will share the step by step process needed to build and create something new.


Please contact me with comments. I will share the experience with all.


Stay Tuned!


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