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Be Careful you’re not making a sale for your competition

Joe Marconi


A few years back, my service advisor was speaking to a customer about the condition of her tires. He explained in detail that the tires on her car were worn to the point that she needed to replace them and recommended she do this before the winter. He explained all the safety benefits, the differences between all-Season tires, winter tires and standard radials, and also gave her a few top brand choices. He did a great job. He did everything but sell the job!


Let’s fast forward. On her next visit, her oil change service, my advisor noticed a brand new set of Bridgestone tires on her car. Perplexed, he asked the customer why she did not buy the tires from us. She replied, “You told me I needed tires, you never once said you could sell me tires.”


She believed my service advisor and was thrilled he took the time to educate her. But, he forgot one important part of the sales cycle; Asking for the sale.




Source: Be Careful you’re not making a sale for your competition


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