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Oova At Autovitals

The Digital Shop® takes shape in Schools
Lindsay, our trainer extraordinaire went back to school. Not as a student but being a professor for two days at the Career and Technology Center Fort Osage. Based on the initiative of SmartFlow users in and around Kansas City, MO, Bill Lieb, and Bryan Compton – teachers of the Automotive Classes at CTC – AutoVitals provided equipment and training for the next generation automotive technicians.
It has been an honor to support this initiative. The technician shortage and hesitance for new technology by older generation techs make it a necessity to have young technicians equipped with the knowledge about the tools available and how to use them. SmartFlow can not only guide these students to the digital frontier, but also learn about productivity and efficiency that is typically missing in everyday curriculum.
As you can see in the pictures below, the students and Lindsay had a lot of fun with the lab portion of the training. Each group performed digital inspections on their vehicles, and expanded on the importance of documentation and pictures. Four classes in two days showed high school students the opportunity in this industry, both present and future. Professor Lindsay had a blast!
Are you a School interested in taking your Automotive Program to the next level, or know of one? Please use our contact-us form to reach out!

Oova At Autovitals

At SEMA 2014, AutoVitals will be showcasing SmartFlow, the first and best paperless systems for the independent auto repair industry. There will be live demonstrations of how you can improve the process and automate the workflow at your shop. You will see how your shop can become a AutoVitals Certified Digital Inspection Location and how that can save your customers both time and money.

We will be giving away an iPad mini with every copy of SmartFlow purchased at the show. Visit us at Booth 38204 to find out more.

We look forward to seeing you there!



Oova At Autovitals

A case study following D&H Enterprises, a 9 bay shop in Concord California, while they move from yesterday’s technology into the future. Recently, owners Dave and Mary Kemnitz made the decision after 20 years in business that it was time to take a look at workflow automation to help improve their business process. D&H chose AutoVitals SmartFlow, which combines digital inspections, tablet based worksheets and visual workflow displays unified with world class workflow automation to get the job done. In this case study you can follow along as D&H progresses through the implementation process. You’ll see the video taken at their shop and be able to read their blog updates. You can also subscribe to email updates so you wont miss a step as they move from 60′s technology into the future of in shop workflow automation.


In the Beginning


In this video we hear about how D&H technicians and service writers work today what they expect to see change as they go paperless and what the shop owners had in mind when they decided to implement SmartFlow


For more information and the video about starting with SmartFlow, please go here


Oova At Autovitals

SmartFlow Enables up to 40% Increase in ARO

Using Digital Inspections and Workflow Management are the centerpiece of SmartFlow. Their real effectiveness comes to light when introduced together with policies and procedures specific for your shop.

Allow me to introduce four shop owners and general managers, who implemented those policies and procedures and increased their ARO by 20%-40% in app. 7 months.

I am honored to have Brian Bates, Dan Garlock, Russ Hilliard and Bill Connor on our panel at the next Service Advisor Huddle on October 23.


Have you registered already for the Webcast on October 23?

Oova At Autovitals

Email, Text, Push Notification – Right Here and Now

SmartFlow offers multiple ways to communicate with the motorists when you want to

  • Send them the inspection results and estimate
  • Make sure they know that the vehicle is ready for pick up
  • Remind them that Loyalty Points can be used for payment
  • or a simple email about requested information

Lets take a look at the Today’s Vehicles Page (TVP) how easy it is to start a message. The image below shows a vehicle tile with two markers 1 and 2. Marker 1 signals that the promised date and/or time has been approached or exceeded and appropriate actions can be taken.



Clicking on Marker 2 show the universal communication center for the service advisor to send messages. The first tab shows what ways of communications are already available or can be activated by the service advisor.


Can you see that only the email address is available? No problem, with the customer at the counter or on the phone all other ways can be activated. Our mobile application MyCarVitals allows even for push notifications.