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Book Review -- Glenn Pray: The Untold Stories

Glenn Pray : The Untold Stories

An Autobiography By Glenn Pray

As told to Cyndie Warner-Garner (author)

"I started with nothing, and have most of it left." Glen Pray

The author, Cyndie Warner-Gardner followed Glenn's personal history with a touch of admiration for this man, and this is just how I remember him myself. To actually speak to Glenn Pray was like finally getting a chance to talk to the wizard behind the curtain in the Emerald City. A remarkable man of many talents. Glenn Pray, a Tulsa High School teacher who used his charm and whit to become the owner/president of the Auburn-Cord-Duesenburg Company. He was the youngest automobile manufacturing company owner in 1963, but that was only the start of his adventurist life with the automotive world.

This is an intriguing book of factoids and stories told by Glenn himself as he remembered them. Funny, astonishing, and very entertaining are just a few of the ways I would describe this book. Cover to cover you'll find the most captivating stories of one man's struggles and daring efforts to fulfill his dreams of producing his own version of Americana.

Being in the Tulsa area myself, I did in fact have a chance to visit the "pickle factory" in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and meet with Glenn Pray himself. He really was quite a charming guy, and you'll get the same reactions from reading each chapter, because of the way Cyndie has captured Glenn's thoughts and amibitions in print. Lots of photos of the cars and of Mr. Pray are dotted throughout the book. You'll find this a book that you'll not only read from cover to cover but you'll admire the tenacity of Glenn and how Cyndie has put it into words.

A book that should be in every car enthusiast collection. Pick up a copy for yourself today! Glenn Pray 1925-2011


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