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Get Ready to Spring Into Summer


What is your plan for summer? As the weather warms up, people begin thinking about summer activities. It may be a vacation road trip or weekends at the lake. In any case, the focus will return to the family car. There are a few things your shop can do to accommodate your clients, put their minds at ease, and give your shop a renewed sense of purpose.

  1. Focus on your vehicle inspection program with particular attention on summer items.

  • Wiper blades, washer bottle, & washer operation
  • Check brakes, brake hydraulics, parking brake, and test brake fluid
  • Cooling system hoses, test coolant condition, pressure test, inspect radiator and expansion tank, belts, idler, & tensioner
  • Check tires: general condition, measure tread, set tire pressure, and check for jack, handle, and spare.
  • Perform a charging system and battery test. Check battery connections for proper torque and clean as needed.
  • Inspect tune up/fuel efficiency items. Check throttle body, inspect MAF sensor, air filter, and visually check wires, plugs, and distributor cap and rotor if equipped.
  • Check all fluids and use a fluid comparison plate that puts their fluid next to new fluid. The optics of this comparison are awesome.
  • Check steering and suspension.

The general idea with the inspection is to keep your client advised about the condition of their vehicle. It will create sales and improves your average repair order. But by far the most important thing this does is build trust, and that trust is priceless.

  1. When the vehicle is picked up, review the unsold recommendations in detail. Explain the benefits of the recommended repairs and services. Show the fluid plate or pictures. Once those seeds are planted, schedule your client’s next appointment. This will improve your ARO and stabilize your car count.
  2. Follow up with a call in a week or two to make sure they were satisfied with the service and that their vehicle is doing well. Offer a discount on the unsold service. Have an expiration date for the discount to insure some urgency. This will keep your shop top of mind.
  3. Be sure to promote your nationwide warranty. Get with your banner program vendor for handouts and some points of purchase material. Give each client one when they cash out.
  4. Another way to stay top of mind and show your clients some appreciation is to do a cook out. Close the shop and grill out some hot dogs and burgers. Get a DJ or do a radio station remote broadcast. Promote it weeks or months in advance. Promote it at the front counter, in your existing advertising, and on your website. Have raffles and door prizes. When planning the date, be sure it does not conflict with any other local event(s). Be sure to personally invite your very best clients. Give them the VIP treatment.

These are just a few ideas to show your clients your concern and appreciation all at once. Take this opportunity to make the best of your summer. Focused inspections are great for business and demonstrate your professionalism. Summer only comes once a year and we have to make hay when the sun shines. Grab the reins and make it happen. Here’s hoping everyone has the best summer ever !!

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