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Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson

IT’S THE LAW: 2 Trillion PASSED!!!

Hello shop owners, there is a lot of money there to get you through COVID-19.

Trump signed it.

Here's what you get:

●     SBA Forgivable Loans Up to $10,000,000*

●     SBA Emergency Grant Up To $10,000*

●     Withdraw Retirement Penalty Free Up to $100,000*

●     SBA Disaster Loans Up To $2,000,000

●     Defer Payroll Taxes Sec 2201 To 2021/2022*

●     Recovery Rebates $2,400 MFJ/$1,200 Single*

●     Get Cash For NOLs In '18, '19, '20*

●     Employee Retention Credit Up To $10,000/employee*

●     Sick Employee Payroll Tax Credit Up To $2,000/employee/qtr

And there is SO MUCH to consider. 

From CNN: Trump signs historic $2 trillion stimulus after Congress passes it Friday

Washington (CNN) - President Donald Trump signed into law Friday afternoon a historic $2 trillion stimulus package as the American public and the US economy fight the devastating spread of Covid-19.

The far-reaching legislation stands as the largest emergency aid package in US history. It represents a massive financial injection into a struggling economy with provisions aimed at helping American workers, small businesses and industries grappling with the economic disruption.

From Fox News: Trump signs $2T stimulus bill after House approves historic coronavirus response

President Trump on Friday signed a more than $2 trillion legislative package to combat the coronavirus pandemic and send economic relief to workers and businesses squeezed by restrictions meant to stop the outbreak’s spread after the House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved the legislation earlier in the day.

"I want to thank Democrats and Republicans for coming together and putting America first," Trump said during an afternoon Oval Office signing ceremony.



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