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    P&G Accounting Solutions
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    4831 NW 19TH ST, Lauderhill, Florida, 33313
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    Marketing to Auto Shops
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    Marketing To Shops
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    Certified Business Tax and Planning Expert.
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    We help auto repair shop owners to reduce taxes by as much as 50% and saving 1M for retirement in less than 8 years.

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  1. Hi Mark, do you have access to industry studies for auto repair shops? I am trying to evaluate an auto shop business that I am interested in purchasing but all I know at this time is that their annual revenue is $1.1M, I'd like to create my own proforma P&L and BS base on the industry average for shops of this size.  The company's bookkeeper is working on organizing their financials but i'd like to start doing my homework first. Please let me know, any assistance is greatly appreciated

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