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BATTERY CABLE CRIMPERS AND ACCY'S that will save you time waiting for special ordered cables, repair, rebuild, make new cables for cars and trucks.

Some of the cables on the new cars are over $300.00 and special order only. Get that car fixed and out of your bay quickly.


We also design and produce procedures for Technicians and Service Writers.


The procedures allow your service writers to show the customer exactly what tests they are paying for and even if you do not fix the car you can get paid for the time that was spent.


The procedures keep your technicians from doing the red car syndrome( well the last 4 red cars took this part to fix so this one can be fixed this way also)

It allows the technician to have a clear diagnostic path to follow when diagnosing problems without skipping steps in the process. It allows them to come back to a car when parts have to be ordered , cell phone interruption etc. without missing something or remembering where they were at.

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