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Use Automotive Software Solutions to Combat Your Slow Seasons



Spring and summer months are historically busier times for auto repair shops. Of course it would be great to keep that steady traffic coming into your bays day in and day out, each and every day through fall and winter too. But, how do you do it?


A stay-busy year-round solution is easier to attain than you may think.


Dentists, doctors and hair salons all use advance scheduling to ensure their respective professionals do not confront empty appointment books. The auto repair industry should be no different. Repair shops can stockpile consistent business for various vehicle maintenance issues in the same way by employing help from automotive software solutions.


Today’s cutting-edge shop management software programs incorporate features like customer driving history, vehicle age and recommended services based on specific mileage milestones to predict a service timetable for scheduling state inspections, emissions tests, tire rotations, lube oil and filter changes and other services, including coolant flushes.


Scheduling these services in advance, while the customer is in the shop, can help businesses avoid the September and February slumps and ensure a consistent repair shop revenue stream.


In addition, scheduling routine services in advance helps shops maintain a more manageable work flow-particularly during busy seasons-and helps shops to determine how many walk-in customers can be added on any given day. It also gives customers a greater opportunity to keep up with recommended maintenance while making it easier for them to take action on important vehicle services.


Software developed with advance scheduling functionality capabilities takes email, postcards and even phone call service reminders to a whole new level. Using software scheduling tools allows shop owners to be proactive instead of reactive. Think about it, when does boosting business come to mind? Typically shop owners reflect on attracting more customers, or bringing back regular customers when business is down. Waiting until then may be too late.


By implementing software that enables a seamless advance scheduling process for customers’ regular 3 to 6 month and even annual vehicle maintenance needs, shops will see far fewer slow days and will be less likely to need last-minute incentives to drive business.


Another benefit besides keeping steady momentum is that as the appointment date nears, reminders can be auto-texted to customers, further freeing up shop owners and technicians to focus on other priorities, including performing other customers’ vehicle maintenance.


To learn more about implementing advance scheduling software at your automotive repair shop, visit http://www.BoltOnTechnology.com/, or call 610-400-1019.


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