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Mobile Technology Helps Independent Shop be ‘Better than Dealerships’



blog-0893574001407177116.jpgCompetition in the marketplace is the biggest challenge Eric Russo has faced in his 22 years of owning four greater Philadelphia area auto repair shops.


The biggest contender of all in his quest for higher profits and a larger customer base has been dealerships, Russo said.


But, Russo said he finally found a tool to not only even the playing field, but to make his shops “better than the



In short, Russo and his employees are setting themselves apart from the competition through the use of mobile technology.


to see Eric Russo's video.


The software’s ability to create itemized reports and take pictures of items in need of repairs – all of which can be delivered to the customer by email or text message – gives the shops a more professional look and feel, he said.


“We’ve been able to increase our RO by 20 percent and increase confidence,” Russo said.


Mobile Manager Pro, BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s most popular automotive software solution, has also helped Russo’s shops become more efficient, he said.


“Efficiency is key to making money,” he said. “We’re able to turn over bays more quickly.”


One of Russo’s shops had its best month to date and Russo credited Mobile Manager Pro for that success.


“It’s such a great tool that I don’t really want any other shops owning it,” he said, adding that competing with dealerships has gotten a whole lot easier. “I don’t even think we’re on the same ball field anymore.”


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