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Mobile Nets Auto Repair Shop $3,600 More in First Week



Nick Nix, the owner of PJ’s Auto Repair in Yuba City, Calif., is seeing a “dramatic impact” in his techs’ ability to “point and click” their way to completing digital multi-point inspections of customer vehicles.


So dramatic, in fact, that after using BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s Mobile Manager Pro for only a week, Nix said his shop of 17 years made $3,600 in additional profit.


He attributes the uptick in revenue to his shop’s use of digital inspections, which include technician-recommended services, tech notes, along with vehicle condition photos, all of which can be texted via tablet or mobile device, to a customer in real time.


To track the revenue-generating results, Nix said he used BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s Report Pro software solution. Users can create customizable invoices which include everything from a shop’s logo, color scheme and service coupons, to a breakdown of checks to be carried out during vehicle inspections.


In addition to seeing a major profit boost the first week, Nix said his average repair order had increased by $30 from $130 to $160 within two weeks.


Making the commitment to invest in the suite of automotive software solutions stemmed from his lackluster average RO, which he said was “half of the industry standard.”


“I was looking for you guys,” Nix said, noting that he had envisioned smoother shop operations through mobile technology for some time. “I actually found your competitor.”


Nix said he decided to license Bolt On Technology’s software platform instead of another company because, “you guys are just developing this so quickly.”


The Mobile Manager Pro feature that works best in driving efficiency is the application’s team chat function, according to Nix.


“It’s cut down on shop miscommunication dramatically,” he said. “(Before) we had paper repair orders for the guys. They would have to write on the work order and send it to the service advisor. Now we have real time documented chat. It hits all the techs at the same time.”


For more information on Mobile Manager Pro, Report Pro, or any of Bolt On Technology’s other automotive software solutions visit www.boltontechnology.com or call 610-400-1019.


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