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Shop Saves 10 Steps on Desktop, Nets Extra Hour a Day



Since his 16-bay repair shop began using wireless automotive software solutions last fall, Dave Murray, VP of Operations at Florida-based Murray Motive, said his family-owned business has been able to save an hour each day “by not doing a whole lot.”


Incorporating BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s™ Mobile Manager Pro, Murray said processes that had previously taken 10 to 20 minutes to complete now take “five minutes or less.”


“It improves our efficiency dramatically when building ROs,” he said. “It saves at least 10 steps on the desktop.”


Specifically, the mobile device or tablet-powered application is equipped with the functionality to carry out digital multi-point inspections, digital repair orders, VIN scanning and more. The paperless system syncs with shop management systems, making it unnecessary to enter data back into the computer, which, in turn, dramatically cuts down on time.


On average, Murray said the speed and precision of the Mobile Manager Pro application adds a minimum of one extra car to his 15-cars-per-day service schedule.


That added convenience has contributed to his shop’s bottom line, according Murray, who said the cutting-edge technology has boosted his shop’s $646 average repair order by 5 to 10 percent. Mobile Manager Pro also features the capability to take and text or email vehicle conditions, which oftentimes accompany inspection reports or repair orders.


“It definitely helps up-sell the small things,” Murray said. “When communicating with the customer, to be able to show them saves time on sales calls and trying to educate the customer.”


For Murray, Mobile Manager Pro also helps to strengthen the shop’s internal communication.


“Since we've ditched our clipboards and gone full tablet, we use the big board to keep track of statuses and job distribution,” he said. “The most recent update including team chat with broadcast helps the shop foreman know when jobs are completed. We are spread across 3 buildings and 10,000 square feet, so the broadcast has been really helpful.”


While its efficiency is a clear benefit, creating a better, more predictable scheduling system is what drew Murray to the time-saving software solution. Murray, in trying to have “more control” of the shop’s oil change stickers, began using BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s Lube Sticker Pro, which is part of the Mobile Manager Pro suite of solutions. The tool breaks away from the three months or 3,000 mile benchmark for lube, oil and filter services and instead uses a vehicle’s driving history and mileage milestones to determine with precise accuracy, when vehicles should receive lube, oil and filter service, as well as tire rotations, coolant flushes and myriad other services.


For Murray and his four techs that use the automotive software solution, being able to circumvent the Mitchell1 application to add multiple canned jobs at once is most beneficial. The notes and descriptions section is a bonus for adding further description, or clarifying service recommendations, he said.


And everybody loves no longer having to hand-write reports, he said.


“It’s kind of just like your phone,” Murray said.


For more information on Mobile Manager Pro visit www.boltontechnology.com or call 610-400-1019.


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