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Will Hyper-Inflation Kill Your Shop?

David Rogers


Back in November, the Federal Reserve announced that it would purchase $600 billion in U.S treasuries. What does this mean? What could it mean to your shop?


Very high inflation will cause prices and the cost of living to go way up. That will hurt your customers and your business in several ways. Is it possible to fix it? What can we do right now to stay busy and profitable in the face of high inflation that may continue for years?


If you've been wondering what Quantitative Easing II, inflation, hyper-inflation, and the economy in general mean for your shop, I encourage you to read my business partner Terry's new blog, "Will Hyper-Inflation Kill Your Shop?"


It's a no-nonsense guide to what we as shop owners can expect over the coming weeks, months and years as the government continues to print more and more money. Click here to read it!


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