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Knee Hurt?



Feet ache? Can’t see well? Back hurt? Does your knee hurt? You may need a specialist in each of these areas.

Is your business aching, hurting? (in the sense that it is struggling with sales and profits)

There are specialists in the automotive service aftermarket that can fix a struggling business. They are called coaches or consultants. I get requests to recommend a coach to listeners. I do not. I’m very neutral in the industry. I need to be so we can get the views from all segments and people in the industry.

I’ve always wanted to do an episode that included a shop owner looking to hire a business coach and record that discussion.

That episode was released last Friday and is very worthy of your listen, most importantly if you don’t have a coach, or even if you do.

It was all on the up and up; Rick Williams picked three coaches he wanted to have on with him. I had no say in who Rick wished to speak to. But I do have a voice now. This is an important episode to spend some time with. Here is the link.

Too many shop owners say they cannot afford to hire a coach. Tell that to the coach, let him or her show you how their fees are affordable and how much more you can make as you both work to fix the business and even yourself.

One of our most challenging years is almost over, and 2021 is here in a short few weeks. Accept that you need to learn about the things you don’t know that will put you on a path to unrivaled success. Use the over 800 episodes to help you get in touch with the stories that have helped so many. Find your pain point here.

The essential voices of the aftermarket reside here:  https://remarkbleresults.biz/episodes


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