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COVID Relief Bill



The new 5,500+ page Covid Relief Bill is massive, and it will take many weeks to digest everything included in the legislation.
Here's what we know about business relief and PPP funds:
There is now streamlined forgiveness for PPP loans under $150K. This is a significant development for many so check with your lender about how they want that now to be handled.
There is also now an additional $284B in PPP funding for impacted businesses to access.
More on this in days to come...
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I agree, the new COVID relief bill is massive and will take a lot to digest.  Let's keep informed and make sure that we follow how this bill, and meet with our advisors on how this bill can benefit us. 

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You're absolutely right about that. I'll keep posting new information from the accounting community as it becomes available. We're all rallying together to make it as easy to understand as possible. 

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