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Ron Ipach


Car Count Daily | Episode 1

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Hey shop owners! Welcome to Car Count Daily. I'm Captain Car Count, sometimes known as Ron Ipach. Let's say you're looking at your appointment book, and you could stand to use a few more cars in the shop today. That's probably most of you that are watching this video right now. You need to know how to get cars in the shop, like right away. 

Well, I'm going to give you three very quick, easy, and cheap ways to get your phone ringing, and get that appointment book filled. Would you like to know what they are? Well, great. Hang on. 
Idea number one, it's not earth shattering. It's using email. If you've collected and have current email addresses for your clients, all you have to do is just come up with a terrific offer. Now, remember, we're trying to get them in your shop today. So, we want to give them a great offer, to show up today. Let them know that they're getting this special offer, because you need more cars in the shop today, you need them to respond right away, and you need them to bring their car into your shop today. So, the offer is very, very important. A wishy-washy offer isn't going to get somebody to respond. Come up with a kick-butt offer, and email it to them. 

Now, the problem with email is, not everybody looks at their emails every single day, and you don't have emails for everybody in your database. But, hey, look, it's easy, it's simple, it's cheap, so go ahead and do it. And hopefully, some people are going to see it, and they're going to respond today. So that's idea number one. It's nice and easy, you've sent emails before, so this shouldn't be a difficult thing to do. 

The second way, which is the way that I love more than anything else, is using a mobile phone and texting your offer to them. So, if you've been collecting and getting permission to send them texts, you can just simply send a kick-butt offer to them, and get them to respond immediately via text. Now, you can do them one by one, just grab your phone and start texting people individually, or there are some services out there that you can group text everybody, and get them all done in one sweep at a time. 

But the important thing to know about text messaging is, it's a brilliant way to contact people, because 99% of texts get opened. And even more importantly, 95% get opened within the first five minutes. So, you send out a text, people are going to look at it, and they're going to respond within five minutes. Now, if you put together a kick-butt offer, you will get your ringing right away. I love that idea, and on a separate video we'll kind of go into detail on exactly how to do your texting and everything. That's a much larger subject to cover. Certainly not one I'm going to be able to cover here. 

Now, the third way, and you're going to hate this idea. I know you're going to hate it, but it's a tool you already have, and most people under-utilize the tool. And that is using one of these. A phone, okay? Just a regular old phone, and you start dialing for dollars. I mean, think about this. How many people have been in a shop that declines services? Well, wouldn't it be a great idea to call them up, and just kind of look at all the people that decline services, and come up with a kick-butt offer to get them in the shop today. Let them know, "Hey, we have a few slots open, I'd like to fill it. This is once in a lifetime offer. I'm going to give you an offer you can't refuse." Dial for dollars, and that will get people in shop. 

Now, I know you hate it. Nobody wants to get on the phone and start calling people. But, hey, you want to put people in your shop today? You've got their phone numbers, you've got their buying history, you've got their unsold service history. Dial for dollars, and you will get people in your shop today. 
Now, those are three quick and easy, down and dirty, inexpensive, almost free ways, to get people into your shop. Pick the one you want, and do it. You will get the phone to ring today. You will fill up that shop today.


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