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BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY Offers Live Software Training Sessions



Whether you purchased BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY's automotive software solutions today, last month or a year ago, we want to make sure your shop is getting the most for its money! For some that may mean a product refresher course, while others may need more comprehensive training.

Either way, we're offering live training sessions specifically designed to fit your shop’s needs.

Beginning this week, we will again be conducting live training for both beginners, as well as more experienced users. By giving us 30 or 45 minutes of your time, you’ll gain a better understanding of the product’s features, capabilities and the most efficient ways to seamlessly incorporate auto repair best practices into your shop’s daily routine.

We will be offering both 101 and 201 sessions on a weekly basis for each of the following products: Lube Sticker Pro, Message Manager, Report Pro and Mobile Manager Pro. To read more or to register for a training session, click here.


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