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Stop Overpaying for Tires

Whether you only occasionally buy tires for your business or find yourself constantly needing to replace one, two or an entire set, there is a way to start saving money immediately.

Champtires has 30,000+ tires in stock at any given time - in nearly every brand, size and tread depth - at the lowest prices. Free shipping to the continental U.S. is included on every order. Auto businesses can join an exclusive program to save even more.

Why Buy Used Tires?

While Champtires does sell new tires, high quality used tires are our specialty. Buying used tires is:

  • Safe. When bought from a reputable tire shop, like Champtires. We’ve been in business since 2009, and every tire that enters our warehouse is inspected and air tested.
  • Environmentally friendly. Instead of the used tires ending up in a landfill, you will be reusing a premium, recycled product.
  • Much more affordable. Even if you just need to replace one tire, the cost of rubber has increased dramatically and has caused the price of new tires to skyrocket. 

Why Trust Champtires?

Since 2009, Champtires has specialized in selling new and high-quality used tires to drivers across the U.S. Every tire that enters our warehouse is inspected and tested, and we offer a 14-day satisfaction guarantee.

How To Save Even More on Every Order

Auto businesses are invited to sign up as a Champtires business partner. This gives you a 10% discount on each order placed through Champtires.com and access to other promotions. 

Learn more about the B2B Program.

Shop our inventory.


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