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Found 4 results

  1. I currently have an Interstate ED-18 tester and Interstate recently released their “latest and greatest” IB Pulse tester. Very little independent information available concerning reviews of this new IB Pulse tester or comparisons to its predecessor, the ED-18. Does anyone have this new IB Pulse and how do you like it? Is it as good or better than the ED-18? After a VIN scan does the new IB Pulse tester preconfigure and load the testing specs like the old ED-18? Are starter draw and charging system tests adequate? Any information or comparisons would be appreciated.
  2. This content is syndicated from Interstate's Blog at https://www.interstatebatteries.com/shop-goals/main Remember your first day in the garage? Right. Nobody takes the new kid seriously. Not the guys in the garage, and definitely not customers. Time and experience builds trust. But you’re running a shop, juggling the daily routine, and managing a mechanic apprenticeship is challenging—especially when so few applicants are coming in. How does a newbie get old school cred in your shop? School your customers. Nobody took Audra Fordin seriously. Despite her skills as a 4th generation mechanic, all they saw was female. Several times Audra had to stand there and smile while customers asked to speak to a “real mechanic.” No mechanic apprenticeship could prepare her for that. So she learned to work twice as hard as her male peers to earn trust by stepping out of the bay and teaching customers more about their car, the problem she was fixing, and car care. Stand up for the newbie. Ralph Parente started working in the shop the same year he could legally drive a car. Nobody took the 16-year old seriously he says—despite growing up in his father’s auto shop. Many times his Dad had to step in convince customers to trust Ralph, who, decades later, now runs that family-owned shop: Soundview Service Center in Mamaroneck, New York. Give it time. Fresh out of tech school, Charles Sanville said he still didn’t know how to fix cars when he showed up at his first dealership gig. Good management and great mentors stepped in early and taught him the rest. Now, Sanville answers some of the toughest questions about Volkswagen auto repair and shares what he knows in tutorials on YouTube. Speaking from the newbie perspective with some old school cred, Sanville said shop owners need to learn to trust the techs they hire to get the job done—even if they need a little extra help along the way. Build the Best Shop on the Block Three mechanics. Two generations. One awesome garage. We brought together the best new- and old-school mechanics to talk about how to build the auto repair shop on the block, and how to keep it running. From dying dipsticks, dealing with customers and the best car diagnostic tools, get their best tips and info to inspire your own shop goals.
  3. This content is syndicated from https://www.interstatebatteries.com/blog/episode-2-training-new-mechanics When it comes to new techs, shop owners need to rethink the process of becoming a mechanic, every step of the way. It hurts your heart. Literally. You see new mechanics coming in, and they’re so charged up to finally get a chance to do what they love: work on cars. But slowly, over time, that enthusiasm fades. In this episode, our new and old-school mechanics talk shop about how becoming a mechanic means never losing your love for the work. Rethink every step.It starts with building a cool shop and pairing new techs with the best mentors, says Charles Sanville, mechanic and video blogger, Humble Mechanic. The certified Volkswagen technician started out in a dealership and watched the most enthusiastic mechanics lose heart. Good mentorship saved him. Manage conflict. If you have a new tech starting in your garage, team meetings can quiet conflicts that might be happening under the radar, says Audra Fordin, a fourth-generation mechanic and the founder of Women Auto Know. Chances are, the problem isn’t an isolated one, and the team needs an open, honest conversation about it. Your best mentor isn’t always your best tech. Pairing up the right mentor with the right new tech means passing on the love and passion for the craft, says Ralph Parente, who started working in an auto shop at 16 years old. But that doesn’t always mean your best mechanic. Stay opened-minded about which seasoned techs in your shop can be the best mentors.
  4. ROANOKE, Va. & DALLAS, Tex.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 12, 2017-- Advance Auto Parts, Inc. (NYSE: AAP) and Interstate Batteries announce a strategic partnership to better serve the changing needs of the automotive aftermarket with premium quality products, expanded availability and enhanced customer service. Interstate Batteries, the leading replacement battery brand with the largest independent battery distribution system in North America, will become the exclusive automotive and specialty battery brand to Advance Auto Parts stores and customers in the spring of 2018. https://www.autopartsforum.com/topic/175-interstate-batteries-north-america’s-no-1-automotive-battery-brand-launches-exclusive-partnership-with-advance-auto-parts/

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