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    P&G Accounting Solutions
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    4831 NW 19TH ST, Lauderhill, Florida, 33313
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    Marketing to Auto Shops
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    Marketing To Shops
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    Certified Business Tax and Planning Expert.
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    We help auto repair shop owners to reduce taxes by as much as 50% and saving 1M for retirement in less than 8 years.

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About Me

We are a full-service Accounting Firm that works with Auto Repair Shops to reduce taxes, increase profits and eliminate financial risk.

One of the biggest problems repair shop owners have with most accountants (apart from the fact they don't understand the industry) is that there is no clear goal set by them for shop owners. 
At P&G Accounting Solutions the first thing we do is sit with the shop owner to find out what are his goals. Whether it be profit expansion, business expansion, customer satisfaction, employee loyalty or maybe his business is successful but his personal finances aren't in order. We offer guidance and support to help shop owners achieve their goals.

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