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  1. Why do independent shops always compare ourselves to dealers? Those guys can't hold a candle to a good independent shop. Isn't that why we do a large majority of the repairs and maintenance? We're better than they are at getting to the heart of the problem, caring about our customers and getting things done faster and less expensively. We aren't the ones that need to play catch up. We passed them by decades ago. Stop selling yourselves short!
  2. I make about 200k a year in my small shop even though it's 5k Sq ft. Half of that is rent that I pay myself. A broker who says he specializes in auto repair said I'd be lucky to get 150k for the business and a buyer would insist on purchasing the property on top of that. The guy never even looked in the shop just wanted to see my tax return. Does that seem right? I just laughed because why would I sell a good business for 1.5 what I make yearly?
  3. I raised ours $23/hr 4 months ago and gave the techs an $8 an hour raise. I think I was late to the party adjusting prices but we've gone up $50 an hour over the last year and a half. Customers haven't even noticed unless they are price shopping and those people will always find something cheaper anyway.
  4. This is the first time in 33 years that I didn't get one single applicant. Not even the usual unqualified people are trying.
  5. Same. We've had almost zero problems with worldpac batteries.
  6. 2 lifts per tech plus 1 flat, 1 alignment pit and 1 drive on lift shared.
  7. Every bay in my shop is no different than a machine in a factory making whatever they make. I need that machine running to make living. That's why I bought the machine. What happens when the customer supplied part is wrong or defective? Now my machine is shut down while I wait for him to get off work, find the time to ship it back and get a new one delivered plus spend time helping him negotiate who's fault the problem was? Who's going to pay me for the lost income while my machine is shut down? The cheap customer?
  8. Okay. Mine is through my bank. Amex is the same rate as Visa mc and the money is there the next day. When I figure out the percentage each month it's about 2 to 2.2 percent. Sometime a little lower so I guess I'm in the ballpark. I've given myself the nickname Pay-the-most-Paul because I've been too trusting. Now I'm paranoid Paul.
  9. I sure wish you would share the names of these companies. The bottom line after every fee adds up to a little over 2% for me. I tried changing but always get lied to. One guy even forged my name on a document and I had to turn him in to the state attorney general to get out of it. If your total fees are less than 1% then I'm all ears. That's alot of money.
  10. I just say here, let me take care of it and use the app myself.
  11. We use Uber all time. $5 or $10 is a whole lot better than an extra employee, car, insurance, gas.....
  12. Do it right with quality parts but mainly if something is going to go wrong it will happen a lot sooner than 2 or 3 years after the repair but it's good peace of mind for the customer
  13. Cintas that will nickle and dime you to death. You'll have a 5 year contract that only benefits them plus the drivers get incentives to get you to sign a new contract so theyll tell you that you need a new 5 year contract every year or 2. I bought a washer and drier, order very nice embroidered shirts and dickies pants, ordered red rags that cost less to use once than Cintas charged for their smelly, oily rags with holes in them. You only need to order 5 set of clothes since you just wash them at the shop, everyone looks and feels more professional and I'm saving 400 to 500 a month.
  14. Have you ever called your own phone just to make sure it's working? I laugh because even the robo calling telemarketers dont call during those times. Its erie.
  15. Old and Tired

    Old and Tired

  16. So... .what are you guys complaining about a mechanic shortage for? Do you think it's better to be in an industry with an over supply of labor forcing prices down or an industry where you're in demand? I think you should embrace the shortage. A really large computer manufacturer where I live adjusted from making computers to tech services because anyone could buy chips and an operating system and there wasnt any profit in it for them anymore. They went from being unique in the beginning to just another commodity. Now we have the chance to be more in control of our pricing because of the shortage. Dont ignore that. If you're a real pro with quality at the top of your list you're in demand. Realize it and charge for it. You deserve a good living and sometimes smaller is even better. You can purge yourself of the low quality customers while you're shorthanded, charge an amount that's more fair to you and build from there. That's my old and tired perspective. ........
  17. I would let them bring oil and a filter as long as its correct. I had a problem once where a customer asked for something cheap. We did what he wanted trying to please him. When it all went bad the lawyers said it doesnt matter that the customer asked for it. We are the professionals and should have saved him from himself.
  18. I think you should have them let you play boss for a month or two and see how it goes before you buy it. I'm not sure sure about this business or shop but chances are you're going to be in for alot of surprises.
  19. I hate to sound optimistic haha but they've been predicting the end of the independent shop since the invention of H.E.I. Every step of the way shops have figured out a way to repair things and adapt. I dont miss the unprofessional mechanics and I dont miss grease up to my shoulders at the end if the day. Maybe there will be less volume but maybe the average ticket will make up for it. I've noticed alot more respect from people as time goes by and with respect comes the willingness to pay for what we do.
  20. I was just curious. I didn't mean it to sound like I thought you were naive. It's been 30 years for me too and I cant see such a dramatic change at this point but that doesnt mean you dont have a genius idea. I'm curious about how long you guys have been in business?
  21. I'm curious about how long you guys have been in business?
  22. Why would any of you feel ashamed or the need to make excuses for making a profit off of parts ?Every business makes money off of the product they sell. How is it possible that everyone on here understands the shortage of qualified mechanics yet act like theres a surplus? What I've told people us that every bay in my shop is like a machine in a factory. It has to make me money. I have bills to pay. Not only am I giving away profit but what happens when the part is wrong? Now that car is trying up a bay (my machine) while I wait for them to get off of work, pick up their wrong part, fix THEIR mistake, bring (hopefully) the correct part back the next day or so, and then we can finish the job. Who's going to pay for the downtime for my machine? Are they willing to pay me for 1 1/2 days of idleness just so they can save $50? No. They only want to use you. After this, theyll be on to the next chump. Dont be that chump.

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