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  1. Old and Tired

    Anyone tried Groupon?

    I've never seen a coupon shop with a good reputation. I'd rather bend over backwards for a nice normal family than get beat to death all day long for a one timer thatll never be loyal.
  2. Old and Tired


    Not Bbb anymore. I quit a long time ago. They kept trying to upsell me more and who needs then now? People look to yelp or google.
  3. Old and Tired

    Employee Uniforms

    Buy your own! You get nicer, higher quality, more professional and no contracts! I'm saving over 5k a year. The same goes for rags. We used to use Cintas and the rags had holes, smelled like sewage and after you wash your hands they were still oily. You can buy new rags for half of what they charge for the disgusting things theyll rent you. And what can you do about it? You'll have a 5 year contract. Auto repair isnt nearly as dirty as it used to be. Dont be treated like it is and pay for it. Our Cintas guy gets 1 week vacation every 6 or 8 weeks for picking up laundry!. You can help pay for that or you can use the 5k you earned for yourself. Signing a uniform contract is one of the worst business decisions you can make.
  4. Old and Tired


    We use Autel and one of the guys has a snap on. Both seem to do something the other doesnt once in a while. Autel is alot less expensive and I just get frustrated with all of the miracle promises salespeople make so I bought the lesser expensive scanner. We dont work on European very often at all. Mostly American and Asian.
  5. Old and Tired


    We had Drew and liked it but now we do it ourselves and just pay GM Ford or whoever their fee. I think its around 25-30 dollars but I might be wrong. We charge 195 to reflash and update everything available. I think Drew didn't do everything we needed and that was disappointing but it was alot better than waiting on someone driving all over town.
  6. Way to go!! You give me hope and also a little to go by. Have fun fishing.
  7. We had Interstate. The prices went way up at the same time quality went down and credit on the warranties was like a shell game. We've been using worldpac batteries with almost no problems and 3 year full warranty. We're in central Texas so maybe different climates have different experiences.
  8. Old and Tired

    Found This in a Tire on Monday!

    I think that's mine. Can you please return it? I can probably fix the two halves back together with some flex seal.
  9. We use kukui. They do the Seo, website, reviews, Facebook, appointments and they mow my lawn (kidding) It costs me 800 a month and it seems like I break even with the new customers and the costs. I expect to retain those customers since we're awesome so I try to justify the cost that way. Sometimes I wonder if marketing is more about marketing to the business by the company than it is to potential customers. I feel like theres alot of truth about internet marketing but also alot of hype. They make it sound like a switch will flip and bang. You're overwhelmed with great clients. That doesnt happen. I Iike kukui alot and I'm not putting them down but I still think the best advertising is old fashioned word of mouth from a job well done by people who give a poop. I've also noticed that some shops go full out on advertising and every time they either do that to pump their numbers to sell their business or they go under. I've never one single time in my area seen a shops name all over the place and stay in business for another 5 years. Another thing that's hard to quantify is that after kukui redesigned our site and made it more professional and helpful that my existing customers had an oh wow reaction and something about that reminded me of an article about perceived value by Mitch Schneider who I'm not sure I could have existed this long (30 years) without. That perceived value seems to validate our existing customers opinion of us and allows us to charge as a premium business rather than compete with a discount chain. A few extra dollars will be forgotten but a crappy cheap job will always be remembered.
  10. Old and Tired

    New Shop Owner

    Go get em Jeff!
  11. Old and Tired

    Tires - are we competitive or low?

    Mount and balance 20. Rotate 15 disposal 3. Mark up on tires 10-15. I'm in Austin.
  12. Old and Tired

    Need some advice

    How does replacing the radiator cause the hose to be repositioned and rubbing? It seems like youll only remove one end and stick it back on the new radiator. Maybe you did the hoses too? Anyway, Im sure youll get the blame since dealers always will say independents cant do anything right. We had a VW with a dead converter. We replaced it and parked it. A few hours later the car was on fire. Turns out VW had a recall on their heat shields that were flammable. The woman admitted that she got notices and never took it in. Who makes a car with flammable heat shields? I guess the same company that defeats their emmissions testing on their diesels. Who sells a converter with a larger diameter than the original? Worldpac. Who doesnt take their car in for a recall that could have burnt their house down and killed them? The customer. Who paid for the car? My insurance. The point is that I think we're always going to eat these things and its because of peoples general perceptions of independent shops.
  13. Old and Tired

    The $19.95 Oil Change Offer

    We raised our synthetic blend oil change price to $52 just because it isn't worth less to me. Now of course, we're doing more of them than we used to. Go figure. One person wrote a review that he would rather pay a real mechanic an honest price than go to a quickie place and fight off $150 of upsells from a teenager every time.
  14. Old and Tired

    Courtesy Inspection Technician Pay

    .4 plus .2 for the oil change
  15. Old and Tired


    I bought our own washer and drier, rags from Amazon and Redkap uniforms embroidered. I spent about $1500 for all of that while Cintas charged $6,000 a year for nasty rags and recycled uniforms. Auto repair isn't nearly as greasy as it used to be so think about doing it yourself. That's a new car payment every month. Our Cintas guy gets a vacation about every six weeks. When was your last one? One of my mechanics tried having his own shop and had Unifirst. When it didn't work out they sued him until he had to file bankruptcy. Think about that too.