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  1. Last week I was at a resort with family and the grandkids. We had a great time and it was a much-needed vacaction. For one day, I did it....I left my cell phone in the hotel room safe. It was not easy, and we all know how addicted we all are to our phones and laptops. The day passed and guess what? Nothing urgent happened. And if it did, I need to put trust in the people I employ that all will be taken care of. So, the question is: Can shop owners truly ever unplug from the outside world?
  2. In addition to finding techs, we need to also consider "home grown" techs. There are shops that have been very sucessful with hiring entry level techs and creating a career path and training program. Let's face it, at one time every Master Tech was an enrty level tech. I know this takes time, but it's worth considering for the long term.
  3. Our industry has many shop owners well into their 60s and 70s, some even older. For many, they have taken a secondary role and have handed the business off to a younger family member. For others, they know that there are more years behind them then in front of them and planning their exit plan or succession plan. A question for all the senior shop owners out there. What are your plans for future? Sell the business? Keep it in the family? Continue to work as long as your can? Or something else?
  4. Joe Marconi

    Shop Warranty policy

    A great warranty can be used as a marketing tool. It gives the customer peace of mind and shows you stand behind your work. I would post it everywhere; on the customer's invoice (usually on the bottom), on your website and on a company brochure. Some shops have a separate document they give to the customer. This is a nice touch and makes the warranty really stand out. It also communicates that the warranty is a cut above everyone else's. One thing, to really hit a home run with any warranty, make sure it is mentioned when making a sale and also when the customer picks up the car. Great question and again, a great warranty is a great marketing tool.
  5. Joe Marconi

    Shop Owners: Celebrate July 4th!

    Your situation is a tough one. And I am not happy with what I read and read between the lines. I truly hope things improve with you and your shop. Every work environment must have high morale and a team atmosphere. I have worked in the shop with 100 plus degree weather along with my techs and it can only be done if everyone has the right attitude and the right leadership. When you have teamwork, high morale and strong leadership, the heat does not affect everyone as much. With poor morale, no team spirit and no true leader, the heat will kill you.
  6. The best run businesses are those that know what they do best. I am not opposed to adding services, just be sure you it's in line with your business model. Also, trying to be everything to everyone will back fire. So, my advice is to sit down and determine what services and repairs fit your business model and make sure that what ever you offer, you do efficiently. You added oil changes a few years back; that's great. One suggestion I would make is to also add preventive maintenance services. People keep their cars longer these days and offering services that protect and extend the life of their cars is well worth considering. Best of luck!
  7. Great effort on such an important topic. If the entire industry, including shops, get involved with growing our own techs, we will solve the tech shortage. We also need to create a work environment and pay plans that attract talent to our industry.
  8. Joe Marconi

    Consider Joining Family Service Day!

    We had our 2nd Family Service Day Event this past Saturday, June 30th. It was amazing! We help 7 families from the community. Every family was so grateful. Some even cried. Family Service Day originated in 2009 with a Williamsburg, Virginia based company, American Pride Auto, owned by Charlie Marcotte. The idea was simple: offer support to single parent families and deployed military by offering the gifts and talents we have been given, the ability to repair and service vehicles, for free. Family Service Day is a great way to get involved with your local community. All my employees volunteer their time. We had two radio stations there doing live remotes, food and games for the kids. Shop owners, I recommend that you find out more about Family Service Day. Below is a link for more information: http://www.familyserviceday.org/
  9. Has any signed up or know of this product? "Truvideo" BG has partnered with a company called Truvideo. The process allows you to take a short video of the car and document any issues. The video is then sent to the customer, either thru a text message or email. The tech or service advisor narrates the video. The customer can see on video things like worn brakes, worn tires, a leaking hose, etc. I think that this has its place in the multipoint process. Below is a link for more information. Your thoughts? https://www.bgprod.com/programs/truvideo/
  10. Joe Marconi

    Happy July 4th!

    On July 4, 1776, the thirteen colonies claimed their independence from England, an event which eventually led to the formation of the United States. Each year on July 4th, also known as Independence Day, Americans celebrate this historic event. Let's all celebrate this day and remeber that we live in the great nation on the planet!
  11. Shop production is a hot topic these days. High production results in higher sales and profits. But there seems to be so many obstacles to overcome to achieve high production levels. I was discussing production with a few shop owners, and one shop owner mentioned that he recently hired a shop foreman; an “A” tech in his early 50’s. The foreman uses his knowledge and skills to organize the work flow. For younger techs, it’s even more important that they know how to work and keep productive. What are your thoughts? Does anyone else have a foreman or similar position? And how does this role affect production?
  12. July 4th is this Wednesday. And as a shop owner, it means that sales may suffer. But, there is more to life than sales. Celebrate July 4th; commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence! Speak with your employees about their plans for the holiday. This will send a message that you care about them as people, and that it’s not always about business. With the right attitude, you will build morale and you will make up those sales. And let’s face it; we all need a little time off now and then.
  13. @Joe Marconi Buying lunch on Saturdays, and coffee and donuts during the week does show appreciation for your employees. It also set the right tone and improves morale. I can tell you that the greatest thing I learned about being in business is that your success is found through the success of others. The job of the leader is to ensure the success of others.