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  1. Painting you will see at our RTP shop. Owen, our technician Matt's 13 yr old son painted it. We… https://t.co/WTFQQGztiL

  2. Custom dual exhaust setup. Curious to hear what it sounds like? Video coming soon @ Carmedix… https://t.co/Rj48xEiFLg

  3. Did you know we do custom exhaust work at our Raleigh shop? Custom bends, dual exhaust, etc.… https://t.co/bYsY4x3Lgl

  4. Really bad axle seal leak on this Ford Ranger. Axle slides out from the rear differential @… https://t.co/PHYKBAEhu1

  5. Peace of mind wherever you are. We are partnered with Napa and Technet shops across the country.… https://t.co/kxrRUFR83h

  6. Why are air filters so important? Air is needed for fuel and spark to combust, when an air… https://t.co/tR6uEbnxZi

  7. Carmedix will be closed on Labor Day https://t.co/5T6im26yaQ

  8. Our walnut blasting service on N54 engines @ Carmedix Auto Repair https://t.co/dhqvgVMzmS

  9. Matt our master technician working on a BMW 7 series @ Carmedix Auto Repair https://t.co/abqfDl5zJR

  10. Replacing the timing chain on a 09 Enclave. Unfortunately it's common problem and an expensive… https://t.co/l7gvGxG0tf

  11. Felipe (right) our Raleigh technician helping out at our Durham shop today. Nick (left) is one… https://t.co/xkK5HyGhQV

  12. It's tempting but if your AC is cold, do not mess with it. It is a closed system, no need to add… https://t.co/3N6NC8hZd0

  13. Hope everyone has a great time with friends and family. Our RTP location will still be open on… https://t.co/Dke9NbmBUe

  14. At work on his day off. Aaron might throw like a little girl, but he is really knowledgeable on… https://t.co/GGbnGf3zN1

  15. Taking a short break from a BUSY day to grill. We love food almost as much as fixing your car :)… https://t.co/pHdkWGtmJN

  16. We strive to keep up with the latest technology and trends. One day we wish to become one of the… https://t.co/qnleDGpsqr

  17. So grateful for the freedom with have and those who sacrificed so much for our country. Carmedix… https://t.co/ES77U6vrhO

  18. Carmedix Tools is coming soon. We are launching our own tool line. Why? Because we strive to… https://t.co/cME7M2O4EX

  19. Replacing engines this week @ Carmedix Auto Repair https://t.co/KIKnBTQedy

  20. Front and rear pads and rotors on a Chevrolet Avalanche. Customer declined to get a brake flush,… https://t.co/B89tmrjuus

  21. Gen painting on some signs this morning in North Raleigh. $69 AC recharge, $30 synthetic blend… https://t.co/bocITdJMxK

  22. Replacing an alternator on a BMW 335i. We see a lot of these N54 twin turbo engines. @ Carmedix… https://t.co/csWYbJSIDV

  23. Carmedix @ Carmedix Auto Repair https://t.co/CggVkYJzft

  24. David and Aaron are here to assist you! @ Carmedix Auto Repair https://t.co/Fy2nfH4lGI

  25. HE LIVES! https://t.co/Kaqzt9Y6fI

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