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  1. We all know there is dust, dirt and pollen in the air but we probably don’t think about how they affect our vehicle… https://t.co/KDIpLjQnZT

  2. Reusing old car parts is a unique way to incorporate automotive parts into your interior designs! #ReuseCarParts https://t.co/AO1PPOG0GR

  3. Take Monday by the horns! #MotivationMonday https://t.co/miamDYaFpt

  4. Seatbelts tend to attract the most dirt and they are so difficult to get clean, here's a great video showing how t … https://t.co/lBGmGbERnp

  5. Did you know that a typical vehicle’s engine uses about 12,000 gallons of air for every gallon of fuel. The air... https://t.co/kYnFoOH3ka

  6. A combination of #TruckThursday and #ThrowbackThursday - a 1911 Packard Firetruck! https://t.co/0fEaO7sXLq

  7. Tag someone that you would bring to the Drive-In! #WaybackWednesday https://t.co/k5UCxV4pKt

  8. Like if you fall into the 90%! #TuneTuesday https://t.co/aSs9JbNmX1

  9. Did you know that not all vehicles have a cabin air filter? The cabin air filter cleans the air going into the... https://t.co/kpk2YhLsXx

  10. To keep the inline-six or to upgrade to the V8? That is the question! https://t.co/vQq1PM99Fq

  11. Pothole Season Is Here! - Farmers' Almanac https://t.co/309cgxGSrT

  12. Like if you'd like to see detailed hood ornaments like this make a comeback! #tbt https://t.co/wDXTiu9d41

  13. The best part of a new day, is the fresh start you get. #WisdomWednesday https://t.co/H4MA5X3c7z

  14. If you’re taking your vehicle on a Spring Break road trip, you’ll want to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly... https://t.co/qdpILkdjKK

  15. What do you think the answer is? #SundayJokes https://t.co/vut3kLM6EL

  16. We are so proud to offer the 24 month, 24,000 miles nationwide warranty on parts and labor on qualifying repairs.... https://t.co/aedIeJUX6b

  17. The start of the season is just two days away! Will you be watching? #Daytona500 https://t.co/bTxRoDXPdE

  18. The start of the season is just two days away! Will you be watching? #Daytona500 https://t.co/bTxRoDXPdE

  19. How to Prevent and Recover from Hydroplaning https://t.co/T2mIAtTce5

  20. You can find us on the social media platform you use the most! @ExpressAutos https://t.co/HG9CtPew2Y

  21. Depending on where you live and the amount that you drive - purchasing a battery with a longer warranty period... https://t.co/s4wgrT0FUA

  22. Tag someone who would repurpose a tire rim as a hose holder! #TransformCarParts https://t.co/foiAOvjh5j https://t.co/uGV8nhuj2g

  23. Washing your vehicle in the winter months is just as important as during the summer months. Protecting your... https://t.co/tziUjzcPOX

  24. We would like to show our appreciate for our teachers with 5% off any service when you show your valid ID! Click... https://t.co/hkme3Qn6hH

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