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  1. We all know that potholes can damage our vehicles, but do you know how bad the damage can be? https://t.co/MITfHJr4Qk

  2. Comment ⬇️ with your answer! https://t.co/vq9FFrZ6Of

  3. Maintaining your vehicle's alignment can help you get better gas mileage and improve handling while you're driving! https://t.co/VZdKJwVZuY

  4. Oil filters work to refine and maintain the purity of the motor oil that runs through the engine! Over time,... https://t.co/7tjLsjsZBr

  5. Have you had a great experience with us recently? We'd love to hear about it! https://t.co/6eN404jOKb

  6. Did you know that the cabin air filter is responsible for keeping the air you breathe while driving clean? There a… https://t.co/CYjkJydksR

  7. We hope you have a great holiday, please celebrate responsibly! https://t.co/eIhmFmsnLz

  8. If your car pulls slightly to one side or the other while driving, if you’ve hit several potholes recently, or... https://t.co/mpZAtUp3Ir

  9. When your vehicle’s muffler and exhaust system functions properly, it significantly reduces your car’s harmful impact on the environment. …

  10. We will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th in observance of the holiday. We will maintain regular business hours on Monday, and they will resu …

  11. Keep rolling through that vacation, don't let a flat tire ruin your plans! https://t.co/ZGlvkGrtZB

  12. Did you know that on a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can soar to between 100 and 120 degrees... https://t.co/0hPRFfkNvL

  13. If you haven't cashed in on this deal, hurry before it runs out! Call today to schedule your appointment! https://t.co/LAS0f1BjXI

  14. Did you know that a recent survey showed that 90% of vehicles on the road have at least one scheduled maintenance s… https://t.co/LLuE2roV37

  15. Our ASE-certified technicians are available to deliver honest and professional auto repair at our Galley Road... https://t.co/bn318XdrTe

  16. Top 10 Most Iconic Hollywood Movie Cars » https://t.co/QtPkFt7wLz News https://t.co/XsxIXRv0Yw

  17. How crazy would it be to see these back on the road again? #DifferentKindOfThrowback https://t.co/EF5Z8QO9LR

  18. Did you know that it’s #NationalSelfieDay? Do you have any selfies with your car or your dream car? We’d love to... https://t.co/ZlUVXZ90HH

  19. We just love this two-tone paint job for #TruckTuesday! https://t.co/l3othfD6zj

  20. The routine maintenance of the fuel system, transmission service, differential service, regular oil changes and... https://t.co/JmJoiNYLXy

  21. We'd like to take a minute to recognize all the great dads out there, and wish all of you the Happiest of... https://t.co/FgWRyZYrIn

  22. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure your vehicle's transmission is always running smoothly! https://t.co/SMMvaVWl6Q

  23. Don’t Let Tires Flatten Your Summer Travel Plans - Be Car Care Aware https://t.co/UzlkFpuJQf

  24. Check out this hood ornament from 1931, what a cool design! #throwback https://t.co/AsreahC66I

  25. What do these services have in common? They are some of the services that are typically overlooked. Not to worry,... https://t.co/PntnlpH6ah

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