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Welcome to iATN

The International Automotive Technicians' Network is the largest network of automotive repair professionals in the world: a group of 72,174 from 160 countries. The members of this group exchange technical knowledge with their peers around the globe, sharing over 1.6 million years of experience.

iATN has been proudly serving the automotive service industry and the needs of professional automotive mechanics around the world, for over ten years.

The World's Top Automotive Technicians

The combined knowledge of thousands of top automotive repair technicians networking together helps the members of iATN provide some of the highest quality automotive repair, diagnosis and service in the world.

Are you looking for a professional automotive repair technician to service your vehicle? Use our Repair Shop Finder to find an iATN member repair shop near you. Each of the repair facilities listed in our repair shop finder have access to the combined experience of 72,174 automotive technicians from around the world. You can also browse our membership listings by area from our member directory.

How to Become an iATN Member and Sponsor

For a preview of features available to the professional automotive technician members of iATN, along with details on requirements, how to join, and what to expect, please visit our membership overview. iATN is supported by many of the automotive industry's top companies, associations, and trade publications. These industry sponsors, along with our sponsoring shop and automotive technician members, make this network possible. Visit our industry sponsors index for a complete list of the iATN industry sponsors.

Join the Largest Network of Automotive Technicians Now!

Are you a full-time professional automotive technician interested in networking with other professionals from around the world? Do you have at least four years of full-time work experience as an automotive technician, or are you currently ASE certified? If you answered yes, join iATN or read more about membership in our membership overview.

Once inside, you'll find many great features, such as iATN TechHelp, where professional automotive technicians discuss highly technical auto repair problems on almost every topic. Over 20 web forums with close to a million automotive related messages spanning topics of interest to automotive service professionals. Live conferencing for real-time discussions with your peers, 24 hours a day, and technical information and automotive repair resources not found anywhere else. All of these areas are constantly growing, and are available to qualified professional automotive technician members.

We also offer account membership upgrades to a premium level of service that adds powerful features like the searchable iATN Knowledge Base, a million-plus document system that spans the entire iATN network, the world's largest searchable Waveform File Library, an iATN web page and prominent link in our member directory and Repair Shop Finder, and much more!

Auto repair professionals may read all about iATN membership in the Standard Membership Overview. Also be sure to read all about our Premium Membership option, and see the full power of iATN in your repair shop today.

If you are not an automotive repair professional, you may use our iATN Repair Shop Finder to locate a member of iATN to repair your car.

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Sell your car with CarBrain

Sell your car with CarBrain

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