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MMG is a management consulting firm that has helped small companies to grow successfully to become larger ones... and helped their owners/ leaders to develop the skills/ capabilities, and operating plans, needed to get to the next level.


Evan Smith has personally worked in the retail auto business, supporting both sales and service (as a consultant) for almost 10 years – among work for other types of companies. His father was a small-business owner – and he grew up with the processes and the problems “around the kitchen table” of growing the business, managing people, finding cash, adding new products/ services, etc…. ultimately, as a young adult, he worked in the business to develop options to package and sell the business.


The work with small companies is generally oriented around “coaching” – to help you as an owner to understand clearly the "critical few" priorities you have, the key decisions you need to make, the plans you need put in place; to challenge/ test your assumptions, and to help you to perform (in a “well-rounded way”) so that you can grow your business successfully. We’ve helped owners to generate the returns they might need to exit or retire, and to position their firms to realize optimal economic value for their “sweat equity.” We focus on helping leaders to grow, and their companies to manage profit and growth.

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