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    Well, might as well make it official. I'm selling the shop and or parting it out. Most likely parting it out. After much thought has been put into it I've decided to go the route of writer/teacher for my next leg of automotive. After 33 years of running a shop I guess you could say... I've seen it done it and own lots of T shirts. Equipment wise I've got most everything up for sale. Including a few specialty tools that aren't even around anymore. Such as a gauge tester for anything from 95 on back... Very handy. I'll try to put together a list... but if there is something you'd like to know if I have one... send me a message. I'll get back to you.
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    Week 7 from busy shop owner/mechanic/writer to an open heart surgery survivor. Just started rehab. Oh what fun that is. Picture this, I'm in a room with a bunch of 90 year old guys with pace makers and wearing a bib with your first name on it which holds your heart monitor while barely pedaling their exercise machines and googly eyeing the pretty nurses. Yea, those heart monitors are recording their real heart rates. LOL. Me, I'm trying to get my strength back so I'm concentrating on keeping the rpms up and let the nurses watch the screen and tell me when I'm over doing it based on the heart monitoring I'm also wearing. (Yea, mine says Gonzo on it) I've got one more day of teaching, which I've got to admit I think I'm really cut out to be a teacher. Did a quiz on naming A/C components (which is part of the class schedule) along with several A/C gauges mocked up that they have to give the most likely diag. on what the gauges show. (Hi and Lo gauge readings) Then. they have to draw a complete A/C system using a fixed orfice tube and all the components, and direction of flow, showing the liquid and gas. Out of 15 students. 12 got a 100. two with 75, and one kid got a 60 (he has only showed up three or four times. and the ones that got the 75 come in late everyday) I think that's a pretty good return on a teachers effort if ya asked me. Anyway, I can't go back to the shop until the middle of Sept. according to the doctors. So. I've turned in anything that I have to pay a monthly or weekly fee, such as uniforms, and any other rental type stuff including any cleaning services etc... no sense in paying for something I'm not using. Come mid Sept. I've got to decide... go back to work, run the shop, maybe hire in, maybe not. Or do I sell out, sell off. and retire. Assuming my other side line work, manual writing, webinars, column, and sub. teaching is a better way to finish out the last of my working years. Heck, I might even be able to travel a bit and visit all you guys that read all the crappy stuff I write. LOL The real sad part is its most likely that I probably won't make a whole lot on the sale of the shop or equipment due to the economy, but I've got some really great equipment that has been well cared for considering only one person has operated and cared for most of it. (namely me) Any thoughts and words of wisdom or suggestions would be encouraging. It's a tough decision to make after 33 years in business. But, it's truly something to even be here... when you considered I actually died on two different occasions as they tried to fix my heart problem ... I've got a lot to be thankful for.
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    5 weeks after open heart surgery and I'm doing great, feeling better every day. Lots of aches and pains, but... it beats the alternative. Still can't drive, hopefully tomorrows doctor appointment will change that. Next, is to see if the doc. will let me play golf soon. Hopefully I can at least get outside, goof around on the putting greens and hang out with my buds. I'd like to thank all everyone for all the kind words and prayers. This is a very challenging thing to go through and friendship that you've all showed me makes it a lot easier to get through. again... thank you.
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    Had an 02 Explorer in today with a door ajar light stuck on. The guy had it at another shop who charged him for a door jam switch but it came right back on. They told him to come see me. I've got an IDS, but it's been so long I forgot which cable to use to get into the security side of things. (that's where you can see all the door ajar switches) well, when I finally got it all figured out and saw it on the screen the other shop changed the wrong switch. What I'd like to know is how in the HELL did they determine which switch it was without properly diagnosing it. I think they guessed..and guessed wrong.
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    RT @alphabetsuccess: Love the life you live. Live the life you love. - Bob Marley #quote https://t.co/1Y7FLwP0sS
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    new twist on things. I've been writing the Haynes repair manuals for several years now. But, they've thrown me a new ball to play with. Writing the scripts for the videos they've shot. Geez, what's next? Director, producer, sound man? Everything from timing belts to tires. whatever they send me in video I write a script for it. amazing...
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    This forum was on fire this weekend. I have never seen such activity. It is really great to see. I remember when we had very limited participation.

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