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    Tire sales only account for 20% of my business. That being said, I immediately put out a marketing piece reminding the public that I have a large selection of Cooper Tires in stock. We love Mastercraft tires! As a rule I stay clear of political topics. Sometimes I think I’m weak because I fear taking a stand professionally. I watched the video of the Goodyear dealer removing his sign and was almost jealous of his confidence and conviction. As small business owners we know the risk he took.
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    You're right! No matter what people are doing (read that as pandemic or not), most are used to the "back to school" concept. Been around since time began. One of our users already ran this text message coupon with great results (the address has been redacted) but know that the customer can respond in 3 ways: 1) Complete a form when they scroll down (That emails direct to the shop owner's inbox) 2) One tap to text the shop back 3) One tap to call the shop directly from their text app. Works really well because it's a fact that digital coupons get a 10X better response over any other form of advertising. But don't forget, there's a ton of reasons to do promotions for your repair shop. In fact, I've got a list of 111 Reasons Repair Shop Owners can use to make offers! It's a totally free download and you're welcome to grab yours! Hope this helps! Matthew "The Car Count Fixer" P.S.: Find out How one shop owner made an EXTRA $22,470 in the middle of a lockdown!
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    Talk to the major parts vendors and ask them who they know that may want to consider retiring or selling.
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    This might not be popular.... No masks required at our shop, nor are we wearing masks. We see about 40% of our customers coming in with masks and very few (1 per week maybe) ask for us to wear gloves. And many of those with masks will take them off or have them on incorrectly or take them off to talk, but wear them when not talking. Most wait in the waiting room, but we have a handful that are waiting outside. Give it a few more weeks and this will go away as the Texas sun pops out. We do have hand sanitizer on the counter and keep our waiting room clean, even before this virus. We wipe down frequently used surfaces, but, IMO, this is largely a feel-good farce. We can't hide from a virus unless we behave like an operating room and are completely fastidious, wiping everything and changing gloves and masks after everything we touch. (My repair business is mostly drop-off. The waiting room is generally filled with waiters for Quick Lube Services). I've changed my marketing to call out our clean facility. We generally get compliments on cleanliness. Many are changing their marketing and some are opting for a higher-level of cleanliness such as seat covers, surface wipe downs, etc. I'm not seeing much of a call for this. Dealers were advertising this heavy on TV, yet they laid off almost all service staff. It didn't seem to bring the nervous folks forward. I know some shops that are selling a $50 sanitization service. We do our best to respect the wishes and needs of those that grace our doors. When people call in that sound worried, I generally recommend that they put the service off until later. In reality, I would not want to disappoint someone that truly needs or expects a higher level of safety than we can provide. I have noticed that those whom are more concerned will sanitize their cars themselves. They have wipes in the car and will wipe it down to be sure that it was done correctly. In truth, this is likely the best model for true personal safety. We assume that everyone wants social distancing and try to respect their space. I shake hands with those that are comfortable and this is more than you would think. To me, it seems that there 3 types of people: 1) Live Free or Die, 2) Cautious and 3) Scared. Personally, I won't go in a place the makes me wear a mask. (Ask me why I still need a haircut). Ever since the restaurants have reopened for dining in, we've started patronizing them. No longer patronizing take-out only. I fall squarely in the Live Free or Die camp. Luckily, I'm under no local rules that mandate social distancing or other behavior.

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