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    The other day, a local fellow shop owner, was complaining to me that his plumber just charged him $225 labor for a house call. My response was, "And why do you have an issue with that?" I know this plumber; he is very successful, in high demand in the area, does great work and provides a VALUBALE service. Does this sound familiar? You bet....sounds like you and your business!!! When the day comes that all of us truly know what we are worth and charge for it, that will be the day when all us raise the level of the auto industry, begin to attract more people to us, pay our employees better, build for our future and go home with the pay we deserve. I know this is going to cause controversy....so let's start the conversation.
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    Happy Monday Everyone! Hope everyone got a chance to rest up this past weekend. It's certainly been a crazy year thus far. Below are out updates that went live in July. Fleet Dashboard - For all of our Fleet customers, we have added the Fleet dashboard to accommodate your day-to-day needs. From here you have the ability to add "Preferred Contacts" that you can easily convert from your Business account. Fleet dashboard is an add on that is not included in our standard subscription. Minor Dashboard Adjustment - Small change in the "Under Process" tile. The tile now reads "Awaited", "Authorized", and then "Work in Progress". Access to Identifix.com from Service Request Page - Pretty self explanatory. Not included in our standard subscription. Dashboard Tiles added to Mobile View - Enhance the mobile view to make the cell phone experience a little better. Help Guide - We understand learning a new software can be challenging. We have made this adjustment easier with the "Help Guide" readily accessible on each CAR account. With our built-in tutorials, you and your team can get up to speed quickly and easily as you start using the platform. You can easily start a tutorial from any screen in CAR and minimize it to help you perform the tasks as you learn.

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