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    After 39 years in business, it's time to get serious about my exit plan. While I don't think I will ever truly retire, I do think it's time to plan the next chapter in my life. I would like to hear from shop owners out there in the same situation. What are your plans? Are you selling your repair shop? Do you have a succession plan? And are you thinking about a different line of work to keep you busy?
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    According to Zip Recruiter, tech pay on average is about $41,000 per year. Is this an issue? I know many of you pay more than average, but do you think that we need to increase tech pay in order to attract more people to the auto repair industry. One other thing to consider, the shop and shop owner needs to be profitable and make the money first in order to pay anyone a decent wage. Your thoughts?
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    You spend a lot of time and money finding an hiring an employee. Whether it be a technician, service advisor or office worker. However, the real work to ensure that the new employee is up and running begins when you hire that person. Don't make the mistake of thinking that a new-hire can be put to work without an orientation period. No matter how experienced someone may be, take the time to slowly acclimate that person to your shop, your other employees and your systems and procedures. The time you take in the beginning will help to create a long-lasting employee relationship.
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    I hear you. Problem today is that they (the dealers) understand where the money is - and they're going after it. As far as I'm concerned, most should be really happy that they haven't figured a way to service cars at Amazon. Don't want to be a smart a**, but really. I can't tell you how many shop owners I speak with weekly... and when I ask them when the last time they contacted their customers (through email campaign, direct mail, newsletter, etc.) and I get the proverbial "deer in the headlights" stare. It's not just that the dealers are coming - but the shop owners are holding the door open for them! Matthew "The Car Count Fixer' Follow Car Count Hackers on YouTube - Follow Car Count Hackers on Facebook

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