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    With over 40 years in the auto repair industry, I can write a book on shop production, and I would title it: "The reason why production suffers, and ways to improve it" But, perhaps the first step in getting production to where you want it is to promote team spirit. Yes, I know about training, workflow processes, making sales, the right tools, quality equipment, shop layout and correct labor billing. All that counts too. But, none of that means anything if your techs and service advisors work in an workplace with poor morale. As a shop owner, recognize the performance of your employees. Set the right tone and encourage them to exceed their limitations, and also say thank you once in a while. Raise team spirit, and you will raise production. I know this is a wide-open field for discussion; so what are your thoughts.
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    Interesting post. My account told me something once that has always stuck with me. He said “in a way paying taxes is a blessing”. When I looked at him funny he laughed, and said this “if you’re not paying in a pile of money at the end of the year, it means one of two things. Either you’ve had a terrible year, or you are cooking the books”. That gave me new perspective on the way I think about taxes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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