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    For the umpteenth year in a row I will be delivering about 15 dozen donuts from a really good local bakery to parts stores and machine shops and other vendors my shop uses this Wednesday. YES, I have been told that this is backwards - they should be bringing US treats. But rather like the Original Post, I have learned that this comes back to help my business through much of next year! AMAZING how much fun it is to go out and deliver these boxes and bags of donuts with a card and a bow on them and get to talk to other business owners / managers about the holidays, the weather, families and maybe even business. GREAT TIP!!!
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    Here's a tip I have posted before, but it's worth repeating. One job that goes unnoticed most of the year is the job of the part's driver. You get part deliveries all day long, every day, all year long. Many times, these part's drivers take all the abuse due to wrong parts, the parts took too long to be delivered, on and on and on. Those drivers may not say anything, but they take it to heart. So, here's what you are going to do. Buy small gifts, such as small boxes of candy or chocolate. Nothing expensive. During the holidays, give all the drivers one of these small gifts and say "Thank you, I appreciated what you do." Two things will happen. First, the driver will be stunned and will not know what to say, and they will be very thankful that you thought of them. The second thing that will happen is this: The very next time those part drivers have three delivers to make at three different shops, what shop do you think they will want to go to first? Yes...Yours!
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    One more tip: if your main parts guy takes good care of you, tell his boss how good he or she is. Everybody benefits! The same for the driver. Tell his boss and your parts contact how good he is. My last compliment said how cheerful he is EVERY time and that he takes care of me AND his company.
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    Good story Joe! You are spot on.
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    Scott... what you said is sort of ironic. I just attended a party my client holds for his entire staff and family every year. (He' invites me every year). About 20 people sit down to full dinner and open bar. I get what you said about business - but in reality, we're living in one of the best times in the last decade. Money is pretty free flowing... compared to 07-08. But if you're in a pinch, turn the $20, $50 and $100 into $5's and $10's. I don't know anyone who walks away from a gift. I just think it's those little things that mean so much. Hope this helps! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer" P.S. Get registered for my free training course before the "free" goes away!
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    For about 20 years, I would get those money cards, and put $20's in some and $100's in others. I would give the mailman, UPS driver, FedEx driver, Parts drivers, etc. the $20's. The $100's would go the the main parts guys we ordered from. There was always a lot of appreciation. For me, the Auto Repair business had been less and less profitable over the last decade. I had to cut this practice from the budget as well as Christmas bonuses, a yearly company event, and a number of other expenses. I agree, if you can afford it, these gestures go along way toward building loyalty. Scott

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