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    Well, Mike is the expert, so I will defer to his expertise! Mike makes great points.
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    Digital is the way to go but sending a video is a bit clunky. The customer has to go through the whole video, then try to look back at pieces of it. I think pictures as part of an inspection would be the better way to go. Reserve video of items that move or make noise.
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    @autobodyguys Nice layout! Looks like you are using a wordpress theme commonly used to build sites which is good. I would consider moving your domain to https:// at some point and checking your slider images for clarity on larger screens. The car image for instance, its stretched beyond its dimensions causing it to be slightly grainy on larger desktop screens, which you can solve by using a larger image for desktop and smaller image for mobile or resizing correctly. Personally, I'm not a fan of using white text with shadowing on white background like in your logo because it gets lost a bit, but that may be just me. 😋 Maybe put a background on the "collision repair" text within the logo image like you have it on your building: Your slider image text should be moved higher because its at the bottom of the screen on desktops (checked in Chrome browser). You should put that higher towards the middle of the page view. This is on a quick look of course...😁 You can run a SEO test here: https://seositecheckup.com, you'll find a few things like image alt tags and page caching to improve speed as opportunities.
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    Thank you for all your remarks. Her last demand from the BBB was she wanted cash for refund of her oil change. I answered the BBB with I would give her cash. They closed the case after she again rejected it and wanted more. I called an attorney and he told me to send her a certified letter and a regular letter stating she must pick up immediately, storage would be added and if not would be given to a third party for abandoned vehicle lien. Also found out the person slandering us on the neighborhood site is her sister. Attorney said to write her a letter also with a cease, desist and remove all of her remarks.

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