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    Is it just me? or does it seem that lately there are a lot of businesses being started that insert themselves into the flow of existing transactions only to harvest your profits and lesson the margins of those doing the work and accepting responsibility (us). I am referring to technology companies: Repair Pal, Openbay, CarFix and now Blockchain to mention a few. It is frustrating to me after having built a business (brick and mortar), purchased equipment, hired employees, provide training, accepted full responsibility and risk, supported my community only to have a startup backed by money hungry venture capitalists attempt to erode our profit margin. I find the statements from co-founder Vladimir Lupenko of Blockchain in this months Ratchet & Wrench extremely arrogant: "The repair industry is huge, and people always get cheated" "We use reputable and undisputable technical data to set the market and price rate". Vladimir goes on to say "Based on our contractual agreement , the repair shop will have to provide the service at the price we have calculated". As good shop owners, protective of our future, we best rally against this technology, this Wolf in sheep's clothing. My research of these companies leads me to believe that no good will come from their involvement in our businesses. We, as independent shop owners, are operating in an industry some see as ripe for consolidation and this technology is just one of the signs. I ask that anyone reading this post refuse to participate. The involvement of these companies is not a 'quick fix' for a shop needing car count. Their intention is to drive down your prices, recruit price shopping customers only and mine your data base for their benefit. If our industry sees their existence as a threat and together, refuse to become a member of their organization, they will disappear. Without shops to refer to they lose all value to the consumer and will not be able to return a profit to their investors. To read the complete article, follow this link: https://www.ratchetandwrench.com/articles/5504-how-blockchain-technology-could-affect-your-shop To support this research here is a seperate article from this months Ratchet & Wrench magazine discussing how to price your services for long term health and growth: https://www.ratchetandwrench.com/articles/4841-how-to-price-to-gain-customer-loyalty?utm_medium=email&utm_source=utm_code
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    I'm pleased to see the passion behind how we all run our businesses, it's that individual passion that has gotten us to where we are. The reason for this post was to raise awareness on a possible shift in our industry that I believe we need to build a collective passion to fight. That impending change is these lead generators that will only erode our profits, and as a result, ability to grow. As we know, there is no quick fix. I think we all agree that the most important visit to our shops is the customer's next visit, the customer who is there today. Word of Mouth is a terrific driving force creating first time customers and that WOM promotion happens through outstanding experiences with our existing customers. The Repair Pals, Openbays and Blockchains out there will disappear without us doing the heavy lifting - we do not need them. CarMax is being smart, they pitch their sales customers that CarMax has a national network of shops, at the ready, performing warranty work. They are paying these 'opportunity generators' to have access to this discounted network only to aid in closing the sale....giving their buyers a false sense of security. We are not each other's competition. The competition is the new car dealer, the Wolf in sheep's clothing are the companies aiming to profit off of our hard work and reputation - they are not our friend.
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    So how do you track brand awareness marketing. How do you track the effectiveness of social media marketing your brand. How do you track community involvement and sponsorships. Sorry, I get kind of tired of hearing the "track everything" stuff, as much as I would like to know how to do it. We talk about limiting offers and discounts, and talk about promoting our brand, and then talk about tracking everything. Which one is it?

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