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    Trealubit nailed it. You need to advertise in October and November for December. Marketing should be proactive not reactive.
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    Wow I was generous I guess. Each employee got 1 weeks average pay paid in check with taxes paid one week before Christmas. I didn't have anyone with less than 5 years working for me so didn't have to worry about figuring out what the 'new' guy should get. I looked at it like these guys work hard for me, make me a really decent income and I wanted them to stay working for me.The money would not change my life style one bit, but they could use the added money and besides, it felt good to shake their hands and say Merry Christmas!
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    Oh wow. Didn't expect to see those type of comments on this type of forum. Terrible attitude. I'm pretty sure if anyone here was just all about getting paid and trying to rip their employees off, they wouldn't be on a professional and informative forum like this. If you really wanted to make tons of money for yourself and not pay people what they deserve, we all know how to do that (which is entirely illegal) and it definitely doesnt involve spending time on a forum like this learning how to do things the right/legitimate way, and learning other business models, pay structures, etc from other professionals here. Not all business owners intend to "screw" their workers, and not all techs are great techs. The issue with pay in this industry is way deeper than that, as already mentioned by others in this thread/forum. We're all here to learn and I doubt you have things 100% figured out if you think things are that "plain and simple" in running a business. Have some respect.
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    I have several questions and answers. I have been in business 48 years. Our head technician makes $38.00 flat, he flags at least 135 % and makes about 100K I have a b technician with shop duties. He makes $19.00 an hour plus 5% commission. His average work order for the month of Dec 215.00. CSR makes 14 per hour plus commission. Other Techs are on flat rate ranging from 26-30 per hour. Our marketing person makes 50K plus bonus. (to make sure we have a good car count) Service writer makes straight 8% of all sales. Hope this helps someone. My question is Technicians are so hard to find. The last 3 techs we hired, said they had to give 2 week notice. Then they go back to their job, tell their owner, he raises them to what we pay and they decide to stay where they are. The last one, the service writer, asked if he got a signing bonus if he could start Tuesday. We'll see if that works. I hate doing that, but we need 1 more tech.
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    Thanks! Yes of course. Great that your doing this for your techs! Yes this clatter can make this thread unreliable. Lets try to keep it about pay plan types. ✌️ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    _2080, please keep it professional. Thank you.
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    I think the purpose of this forum is shop owners can learn from each other what works and what doesn't. I think its important to remember that different states have different laws and different markets. And shops and management styles differ from shop to shop. Which different owners take on different approach. We should take this forum as a learning tool to better this industry for its survival in the future. I am a tech first before an owner and understand this. Trust me. This is not only a tech to owner problem but an industry wide issue. How do we expect to pay high when customers don't. When our profession is viewed simple as "grease monkeys" by people in and outside of this industry. how about change the perspective that this profession is respective and deserves quality pay and advancement. Problem is we as techs have advanced so much in technology and "costs goes up to stay current" but have not increase in professional value. I think this should be the first step. I guess the question is how do we do this collectively nationwide to advance this profession and industry as a whole? Maybe this is more suited for another topic on this forum? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For every customer who doesn't like text I have ten who love it.
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    Is language and an attitude like that really necessary?

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