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    • Parts deliveries
      I was hoping some of you might share your process for parts deliveries and returns within your shop. I made some changes due to COVID to minimize vendors having too much contact with my employees. But now looking beyond COVID I am reconsidering my entire system. Does a vendor deliver a part to your front counter/service writer? To a technician? Or do you have a dedicated "drop off" location? Also, how are returns handled? Thank you in advance for any suggestions/advice you can give me.  
    • 1234YF FREON
      We do A/C work.  We have not invested in the new machine for 1234YF.  I understand some cars have been using it since 2015.  We have turned down a few and sent elsewhere.  What are everybody thoughts as when it should be purchased.  We charge $225.00 for evac and recharge with dye, checking for leaks etc.  Customers are informed ahead of time, if they don't do the required fix, it will still cost them the $225.00.  Our shop is in Portland Oregon city of riots.  
    • Raise Your Labor Rate Today!
      Got your attention? Please read on... In case you were hibernating the last year and half, you had to notice all the increases around you. From food, gas, utilities, taxes, insurance, etc., etc., etc. Not to mention all the training and tool investment we must make from now on, to remain in the business. I have been preaching this for decades: As an industry we don't charge enough, especially when it comes to labor.  While there are ways to increase labor dollars, for example: bec
  • Regional Automotive Shop Management Discussions

    • 2021, Slow Start, But Gaining Traction!
      After a slow January and multiple snow storms in Feb, 2021 is beginning to shape up and gaining traction.  Being less than an hour north of NYC has its challenges, but all the pent up demand is greatly improving business. The roads are packed, so people are driving. My prediction? A very good rest of 2021! 
    • Rebound in New York
      A ride to the Mall with my wife today (yes, I went to the Mall, got a problem?) gave me assurance that things are really getting back to normal. The stores were full, the roads were packed and expect for the masks people are wearing, you would think it's just another ordinary summer weekend!   
    • Normal Summer, at least for our business
      I can't speak about all businesses in my area, but the repair shops are doing ok. In fact, most had a normal or near normal summer.  A few weeks back we had a major storm that knocked out power for nearly the week. That killed the week. But aside from that, we had a very good June, July and August.   With a miserable March and April, this was a great morale lift and financial boost. The only  down side is the affect COVID is having on other businesses, like restaurants, deli's, sport busine
  • Automotive Repair Shop Management

    • New Shop Management System
      Hello Everyone,  I started developing an Automotive Shop Management system and I would like to start getting in front of shop owners, mechanics and others a part of the autoshop network. I am looking to provide a software solution that can assist shop owners with managing their business. I am also hoping to get some feedback from users, so I can continue development and build more new features that people are looking for. If anybody is interested, I am happy to offer free usage on an extend
    • Integrating iPads usage for Techs
      We want to increase productivity and would like to use iPads for the Techs where they could use it to get info and pictures over to the service writer.And to be able to speak into the pad and eliminate typing would be a huge plus. We have Mitchell 1 does anyone know of a system that would work?
    • What does "Customer Expectations" really mean?
      Do customers really have clear expectations when they arrive at your shop?  Think about it.  Who is responsible for setting clear expectations?  Consumers may have a preconceived idea about what to expect, but when it comes down to what or who sets the expectation, it's the shop's responsibility.  Great customer service is created by the shop and its people. The consumer will judge that experience, but they don't create it, you do.  We may think that the consumer will tell us what they

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