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    • The other side of the Counter
      Hey guys, I haven't posted in a year or two since I sold my 39 year old tire store/repair shop. Life is wonderful [if a bit boring], and I haven't regretted my decision to sell for one second. Every month I go to the shop, say hi to all my old employees and collect the rent. Anyway, today I experienced the other side of the counter and it wasn't pleasant. I still have my vehicles serviced at my old place when back in Ohio and they treat me like part of their team. But when at my condo in Florida
    • Article: SBA Issues New PPP Regulations, What You …
      Hi, Natalie here. There is wealth of information to clear up confusion about the new regulations regarding PPP loans. There will probably be changes, so this is summary is based on the best information currently available. Before you take action, I encourage you to check for updated rules and make sure you are fully informed before signing any paperwork. As with any government program, there are a lot of details that need to be understood. So this may be spread out over two-to-three blogs,
    • COVID 19 Resource Links and Information
      Hello everyone, I am suggesting we have a thread with comments that only relate to information regarding help for businesses or communities affected by recent events.   I will start the thread by listing relevant links I have at this time: the U.S. Treasury Department has released a draft application for the Paycheck Protection Program (the new forgivable loan program) created by the CARES Act. The Paycheck Protection Plan application process starts Friday, April 3, 2020 and t
  • Regional Automotive Shop Management Discussions

    • Rebound in New York
      A ride to the Mall with my wife today (yes, I went to the Mall, got a problem?) gave me assurance that things are really getting back to normal. The stores were full, the roads were packed and expect for the masks people are wearing, you would think it's just another ordinary summer weekend!   
    • Normal Summer, at least for our business
      I can't speak about all businesses in my area, but the repair shops are doing ok. In fact, most had a normal or near normal summer.  A few weeks back we had a major storm that knocked out power for nearly the week. That killed the week. But aside from that, we had a very good June, July and August.   With a miserable March and April, this was a great morale lift and financial boost. The only  down side is the affect COVID is having on other businesses, like restaurants, deli's, sport busine
    • Winter Car Counts Good, Sales Off
      Usually the winter drops off in sales, but along with car counts.  This year is different.  Customers seem consumed with debt and worried about thier finances, and putting off needed vehicle maintenance.  Not good.  In the long run this leads to breakdowns and larger repair bills. 
  • Automotive Repair Shop Management

    • Sales Down? Spend More on Advertising!
      Got your attention? Good.  That's the power of advertising and marketing.  I know many of you are affected by COVID and experiencing a downturn economically.   Studies have shown that the businesses that maintain advertising during downturns do better with market share and sales when the economy returns to normal.  Maintaining your marketing presence is a lot easier and less expensive than playing catch up when things get better.  I know the reality of tough times.  Do your best to mai
    • Face Mask Required Signs
      Do you have a face mask required sign up at your shop or have you made one? I was browsing around and found these on Amazon:
    • Creating the Right Environment for Shop Efficiency
      There are a lot of variables when we talk about shop efficiency. There is culture, environment, leadership and more. There is no single formula that can solve shop efficiency. But if there are the right guidelines, our panel today, certainly has the answers. A big thank you to Chris Monroe, Joe Marconi, and Kevin Vaught for sharing their expertise for you. So many small things done right makes for improved efficiency. Chris Monroe is a coach who owns Monroe Tire & Service at Shelby, NC.

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